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Warrick County Clerk

Warrick Co. Judicial Center

One County Square, Suite 200

Boonville, IN 47601
Phone: 897-6160

Fax: 897-6400
M-F, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Night Court 5:00 pm


Patty Perry - Warrick County Clerk

The term "clerk" is derived from the LATIN WORD "CLERICUS" (CLERGYMAN). Its application to a particular officer of a court has its origin in the historical fact that in the early days of England, both before and after the Norman conquest, the subordinate officers of courts of justice as well as the judges, were chosen among the clergy. Almost all forms of learning were confined to this class. In England "the clerk of the peace," a county officer appointed by the custos rotulorum (keeper of the rolls) of the county was clerk of the court of general sessions of the peace. In the various states of this country the creation of the office of the clerk of the court is a matter of constitutional or statutory provision. In Indiana the State Constitution creates the office of "Clerk of the circuit Court" as the official name of the officer who keeps the records of courts of the counties. The Clerk is custodian of its record and seal, issues process, accepts filings of commencement of actions in litigation, enters judgments and orders of the court, receives money in his official capacity, makes certified copies of record, issues many miscellaneous licenses and licenses to practice various professions and must keep a record of all wills and matters of trust in probate proceeds.

A Clerk in Warrick County is also Secretary to the county election board. The clerk must annually prepare a budget. The clerk of the circuit court is registration officer and is in full charge and control of the registration of voters within Warrick County.

The Clerk is also responsible for receiving and distributing money paid for the support and maintenance of children or parents. The clerk is to receive this money form the person ordered by the court to make such payments.

In Warrick County the records begin in 1814. Most records are public and can be researched by the public in the old books and through the computer system.

We have also have marriage licenses. In the State of Indiana The Clerk does not have the death and birth certificates. They are in the County Health Department.

Requirements for a marriage license in Warrick County.

Save time in the Clerk’s office by visiting http://courts.in.gov/marriage and entering your personal information for your marriage license prior to coming in.


  • $97 Small Claims Case
  • $157 Standard Civil Case
  • $157 Adoptions and Civil Plenary Cases
    $50 Putative Father $20 Medical History $10 Birth
    Certificate or Record of Birth
  • $157 Mortgage Foreclosure Cases
  • $157 Domestic Relations Cases
  • $177 Probate: Estate, Guardianship and Trust Cases

Note: If service is to go by Sheriff, add a fee of $28 per case.

All filing fees include one (1) defendant. For each additional defendant there will be an additional $10.00 charged.


Step 1 - Instructions for BMV title requests
Step 2 - Instructions for Filing
Step 3 - Request/Court order forms (filing fee $157)



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