DECEMBER 27, 2000

1:00 P.M.







Chairman Dave Rector opened meeting of December 27, 2000. The first order of business was the approval of minutes of the December 18, 2000 meeting. Commissioner Pike made motion to approve minutes of last meeting, 2nd by Commissioner Rector.

Motion carried 2-0.




MEMBERS PRESENT:†††††††††††††††††††††† Dave Rector, Chairman; Jack Pike, Vice-Chairman;

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† And Mike Irvin, Surveyor.




ALSO PRESENT:†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Karan Barnhill






Mike Irvin stated that there being no business to attend to at this last meeting, there was not an agenda.

Mike asked the Board about an Attorney Burger who supposedly called the Commissioners representing Phillip Springston regarding a ditch being cleaned before it was advertised. Mike said he knew nothing about it and he asked his secretary, who stated that nothing had come in the mail concerning this matter.

Commissioner Rector said that he couldnít think which ditch it would have been.

Mike stated that we donít make a habit of cleaning ditches without some kind of approval. We also send out a waiver, which is notification by the law.

Commissioner Rector said the only one weíve cleaned recently was the one by Tweedy.

Mike stated that a few months back someone ( he couldnít remember who it was) came into the office stomping his feet and saying that we had cleaned the ditch wrong and that

The person he was representing didnít know anything about it. We pulled out the waiver letters and hers was there with her signature. But I donít even remember the ditch.

Commissioner Rector said the only one he could think of was Mr. Wade, who wasnít legally notified and Mr. Springston decided to intervene.

Mike said as far as he is concerned, itís a dead issue, his name is not on the books and the last time I went over there and looked it still has not been added. He also state he had copies of the pages before the bid was let and after. The Board has a policy that people be notified per the Auditorís records, that is a legal notice.

Commissioner Pike stated that one thing he would like to clear up in the Drainage Board bids that when we do those write-ups, we make it very clear that it states both sides of the ditch, if that is how it is to be cleaned.

Mike stated that is what the pre-bid meetings are for and that Scott and Warrick Excavating says that it was made very clear at the meeting.

Karan Barnhill asked what they meant by both sides.

Commissioner Rector explained that the specs didnít specifically say both sides.

Mike stated that it says clean and clear both sides, but he left the word work out on both banks out of the specs. So Aigner saw that as a chance to say, it doesnít say work on both sides, even though the specs and the drawings show the work from both sides.

Commissioner Rector said that after the site visit, you should have just written an addendum to it.

Mike stated that Mr. Aigner said that Scott told him that he didnít have to clear both sides in that stretch because Mr. Tweedy threw a fit because he didnít want his trees cleared when we held the on site meetings. Scott told the winning contractor (after the contract was awarded) to save as many trees on Mr. Tweedyís property as you can. Aigner claims thatís why he skipped it. Scott says he doesnít exactly recall if he said he didnít have to work over there at all, he did say he did recall telling him that Tweedy doesnítwant these trees destroyed, so leave as many as you can.

Commissioner Pike said that we should be more careful in the spec writing.

Mike said in all these years thatís the first person thatís ever done this.

Commissioner Pike agreed that he had never seen it happen in six years, that he knew of.

Commissioner Rector stated that it was because he bid it too low.

Mike said, that is exactly right, Warrick Excavating almost doubled that bid and he was concerned that he wouldnít even break even. Thatís one of the ones where we should have looked up and said, no, we are going to re-bid this. It was also started 6 months late.

But in fairness there was a lot of rain when the bid went out, but he will tell you now after we argued about it that there was a month or so he could have worked in June. But we stressed that itís a death trap for heavy equipment.

Commissioner Rector asked if there was any other business. There being no other business he made a motion to recess, 2nd by Commissioner Pike. Motion carried 2-0.