APRIL 24, 2002

3:00 P.M.




MEMBERS PRESENT:                       Don Williams, President; Carl Conner, Vice-President; Jack Pike, Secretary; Don Ashley, Attorney for Board; Karan Hargrave-Barnhill, Surveyor; Rod Madden, Deputy Surveyor; Deanna Frazier, Acting Secretary.


ALSO PRESENT:                               Robert Stone, Ralph Blake, Sherri Phillips, Darrin McClellem, Shane Clements, Steven Hahn, Scott Koontz, Steve Wagner.





The first order of business was the approval of minutes from April 10, 2002.  Commissioner Conner made a motion to accept the minutes from April 10, 2002, 2nd by Commissioner Pike.  Motion Carried.






Karan Hargrave-Barnhill, Surveyor stated Robert Stone had been into her office inquiring and discussing Cypress several times to Steve Sherwood as well.  Karan further stated that Eskew Road has a structure that crosses over Cypress Creek where the railroad trestle is and a structure was installed in the roadside ditch with flap gate that keeps the Cypress Creek water contained in Cypress Creeks and does not back up in the road side ditch.  Karan explained that Robert Stone wants a flap gate structure on the other side of the road to keep Cypress Creek from backing up into the roadside ditch, which makes Eskew Road flood. 


Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated Robert Stone would like to have the County put a structure in the roadside ditch with a flap gate so when the creek rises, the flap gate closes and keeps the creek water in the creek and the roadside ditch water in the roadside ditch. 


Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated she had talked to Mr. Stone and she has been to the site and she agreed that the structure with a flap gate would solve the problem.  Karan further stated the structure and flap gate would be in the roadside ditch, however it is directly related to the Cypress Creek flooding to keep the creek water in the creek and asked Don Ashley, Attorney, if this could be done by the Drainage Board.


Commissioner Williams replied it would be in the Drainage Boards 75 foot Right of Entry.  Karan confirmed it would be. 


Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated she would like the Drainage Board to go ahead and get started on the project.  


Commissioner Williams stated he believes they need to get some quotes on the structure.


Robert Stone stated the upper structure of the Big “E” has been brought online and it appears it is working and making a difference in the watershed.  He further stated 12 days ago there was 5.1 inches of rainfall at his farm in a 36-hour period, and they had 5.9 inches at Cypress Creek Mine, and the new retention basin held several hundred-square feet of water in the two structures.


Robert Stone stated normally that amount of rain would have made the area west of Boonville underwater including the new sewage plant.  Robert further stated that large of a rain stayed confined within the banks of the Cypress Creek except at 3.1 inches, which was in the first 8 hours, the water was still going to the creek and that is a first.  Robert explained they do not have enough information to document the effects of what is being done up above but it appears it is certainly helping.


Robert Stone stated they had another 2 inches of rain the next morning, which was too much for this structure to handle. 


Robert presented pictures of the site for the Drainage Board to review.


Commissioner Williams stated if Robert Stone gives the Drainage Board the pictures, they become a matter of public record.  Robert Stone replied he does understand he will not receive the pictures back. 


Robert Stone stated the storm water starts backing up onto the County Road and the creek is dammed all the way around below to protect the road.  Robert further stated south of the bridge for the next 1/4 mile they have personal culverts, a two-foot and a smaller one between the Wagner and Stone properties that have the flap gate structures and that 1/4 mile stretch never floods unless the entire creek comes over the top.


Robert Stone stated the water over the road is a hazard and it destroys the crops, shears the ground and soil.  He further stated if this one point could have a flap gate structure then a lot of the problems on Eskew Road would be solved. 


Commissioner Pike stated the only problem is if the water does get higher than the flapper valve and still floods the field the liability the county would have.  Commissioner Pike further stated he realizes the County has done a lot of work in relation to controlling the water in the area, increasing the dam the County built on Cypress Creek plus the additional holding area north of the E pit.  However, if the County does put in a flap gate structure and the water exceeds the top of the structure, would the County be held responsible if the field is flooded?


Robert Stone stated they are suggesting just as you cross the bridge on Eskew Road, it would be brought up to that level.  Mr. Stone further stated facing in the opposite direction there is a lever, and is in effect and there is 180 acres on that side where there is very little water. 


Mr. Stone further explained the railroad had put that structure in years ago, realizing it would help the structure of the rail just south of that structure and the road would be under water if it were not for the same structure.  Robert stated he would like to put the pipe and the flap valve in and bring the dirt up to the level.


Commissioner Pike asked Robert Stone if his plans are to build a berm all the way around the structure.


Robert Stone replied right up to where the road has been raised up.


Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated if the water would get up over that level it would flood anyway. 


Robert Stone stated if the water gets up in that area, it is up over the sides of the creek everywhere. 


Robert Stone stated an analogy would be like a vein, it is designed to go one way, so what is happening for 6 hours this all filled in, the next 18 hours it takes to get back off.  Robert further stated in this one area the storm water breeches and the roads and fields including the Wagner farm are under water.


Robert Stone stated they were putting gravel on the road the next day and having to clean up all the stuff that floats and causes problems for them down below.  Robert further stated he believes they have came a long way in solving some of these problems so they are asking if the Drainage Board would help them out with this problem.


Commissioner Pike stated his only concern is if the County would be held responsible if the water gets too high.


Commissioner Williams asked Robert Stone if he would be willing to sign a hold harmless agreement with the County if the County was to install the flap gate structure.


Robert Stone stated he would be willing to sign an agreement.


Commissioner Williams stated this problem is certainly not going to become any worse than it currently is.


Robert Stone stated the Drainage Board is not asking him for an agreement on the road portion which floods because there are cars driving through the storm water and this area is in the curve and is very hard to see the edge of the pavement, if a car would go off on the edge it is very deep.


Commissioner Pike explained he is quite familiar with the road and knows exactly what Mr. Stone is talking about.


Further discussion took place regarding the liability issue with Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stating it would help them tremendously and their field’s flood now so what more liability could they possibly have.


Robert Stone stated they brought the amount of water required for flooding down due to the two structures in the north section and they now know more about what the perimeters of the creek will do. He further explained that if they can get the amount of storm water that falls on their portion of the watershed to go in one direction, and then south to the creek rather than back flushing every time the creek rises.


Commissioner Pike stated a previous surveyor looked at it and felt the liability was more than the County should take on.  Commissioner Pike further stated since that time the County has constructed some things on Cypress Creek to hold some of the water back, some of the problems that were there in the past they had no control over they now have better control of now.


Commissioner Williams asked for any other questions.


Commissioner Williams asked for any comments from the public.


Commissioner Williams stated the first step should be to have the surveyor investigate the cost that would be involved for the structure.

Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated Steve Sherwood would size the pipe for her since it is in the roadside ditch and then they can call and get some prices of the actual pipe with the flap gate. 


Commissioner Pike asked who would maintain the structure.


Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated since the Drainage Board would put the structure in and it is in the legal drain and regarding the Cypress Creek, she would assume the County would maintain it.


Commissioner Williams moved to have the Surveyor to investigate the cost of putting in a flap gate structure, proper size pipe, and get back with the price at the next meeting.  Motion 2nd by Commissioner Pike.   Motion carried.






Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated that five quotes have been received on Tanglewood Ditch, which includes a couple of new contractors that were interested in the projects. 


Commissioner Williams stated this is strictly for rip-rap.  Karan confirmed. 


Don Ashley, Attorney, opened quotes for Tanglewood Ditch at this time.


Attorney Ashley stated the quotation for Tanglewood Ditch improvement submitted by DG Construction total of $1,200.


Attorney Ashley stated the quote submitted by Ray Stradtner Excavating, Inc. for specifications on Tanglewood Ditch is a total of $3,790. 


Attorney Ashley stated the quote submitted by Phil Baxter Inc. for the Tanglewood Ditch project including all the material, labor and machinery is in the amount of $1,760.


Attorney Ashley stated the quote submitted by Jerry Aigner Construction Inc. for the Tanglewood Ditch project is for a total of $3,350.


Attorney Ashley stated the quote submitted by Ruhe Drainage and Excavating for the Tanglewood Ditch project is for a total of $4,205.


Commissioner Pike asked if DG Construction was $1,200.  Attorney Ashley confirmed that quote totaled $1,200.


Commissioner Pike asked if all the companies had the same information presented to them. 


Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated they all attended meetings except Ray Stradtner Construction. 


Commissioner Conner asked Karan what she knew of DG Construction. 


Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated she has worked with DG Construction previously on some box culverts they installed for the Highway Department several years ago.  She further stated they have not done any ditch work for the County that she is aware of.


Commissioner Conner asked if Karan was aware of any negative experience with the County in regards to their work.  Karan replied not that she is aware of.


Commissioner Conner moved to award the contract to DG Construction for $1,200 to do the rip-rap on Tanglewood Ditch.  Commissioner Williams asked for a 2nd.  Motion 2nd by Commissioner Pike.  Motion carried 3-0.



Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated four quotes have been submitted for Scales Lipknight Ditch project.


Don Ashley, Attorney, opened quotes for Scales Lipknight Ditch at this time.


Attorney Ashley stated the quote submitted by DG Construction for the Scales Lipknight Ditch project totaled $38,000.


Attorney Ashley stated the quote submitted by Ray Stradtner Excavating for Scales Lipknight Ditch project totaled $24,940.


Attorney Ashley stated the quote submitted by Jerry Aigner Construction for the Scales Lipknight Ditch project totaled $47,072.


Attorney Ashley stated the quote submitted by Ruhe Drainage and Excavating for the Scales Lipknight Ditch project totaled $38,794.29


Commissioner Pike asked if all four bidders received the same information.


Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated they received the same information but Ray Stradtner did not show up for any of the pre-bids, never called to check any of the specifics and she doubts he can even get the materials for the amount he bid.


Commissioner Conner asked Karan if she was recommending the Drainage Board throw out the bid proposal submitted by Ray Stradtner. 


Karan replied she did not feel it should be thrown out, but she thinks it is extremely low considering Ray Stradtner was not at any of the pre-bids she has concerns about the quality of work hey may produce.


Commissioner Pike stated Ray Stradtner would have to meet the qualifications or reject the bid.  Commissioner Pike further stated Ray Stradtner is the low bidder. 


Karan stated it is the rule of the Drainage Board.  She further stated she does not like to deal with somebody that does not have the time to show up for a pre-bid, and she is leaving the decision up to the Drainage Board.


Commissioner Conner stated he would like to put the question in a different way.  Commissioner Conner asked if Karan would or would not recommend the Drainage Board consider Ray Stradtners proposal based upon other issues.


Rod Madden stated the Drainage Board has the proposal and Ray Stradtner received the same information as the other bidders, he would not recommend taking Ray Stradtners bid out of the bid process.  Rod further stated Drainage Board is putting the pressure on Karan to make the decision to take Ray Stradtner out of the bid process.


Commissioner Williams stated Ray Stradtner could always say he could not do it for that price he quoted.


Commissioner Conner stated Ray Stradtner could decline the job and the project would then go to the next lowest bidder. 


Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated the Drainage Board should keep Ray Stradtners bid.


Commissioner Williams asked if the Drainage Board could go ahead and award the project to Ray Stradtner and if Ray Stradtner turns the job down it would then be awarded to the next lowest bidder.


Commissioner Pike replied yes, this project would be passed to the next lowest bidder if Ray Stradtner would turn the project down.


Commissioner Conner stated the Drainage Board would have to negotiate a contract.


Commissioner Pike made a motion to accept the bid from Ray Stradtner of $24,940.  Motion 2nd by Commissioner Conner. 


Commissioner Williams stated motion made by Commissioner Pike and 2nd by Commissioner Conner to award Scales Lipknight ditch project quote to Ray Stradtner Excavating for the sum of $24,940.   Motion carried, 3-0.







Commissioner Williams stated he understood Summit Pointe “E” needs to be tabled again.


Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated they have not submitted any plans and apparently Lee McClellan, Design Engineer with Morley and Associates, is out of town. 


Commissioner Williams asked for motion to table.


Commissioner Pike moved to table the drainage approval Summit Point E.  Commissioner Conner 2nd the motion.  Motion carried, 3-0.




Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated the plans the Drainage Board has in front of them have a few minor changes but the changes are so minor that she does not have any problem with the design and she would be comfortable with the updated changes being brought in later.


Karan stated this is a property on State Road 62 that is just directly East of where Joanne Krantes office is.  Karan further stated the property is just East of Eskew Road the owner is proposing to build a car lot and an office on the property. 


Karan stated Heartland Chevrolet has proposed to build a retention basin at the southeast corner of the property, and are proposing to have a swale to carry the storm water around the property to the basin.  Karan further stated the property is going to be built up and have a berm.


Karan stated all the storm water is going to drain around the berm and the storm water that does not go around the perimeter will flow off into the basin.  Karan further stated Heartland Chevrolet is providing adequate retention and have met all the requirements.


Karan stated it is designed at a 50/5 and the only changes they are going to make is she has asked them to give her one foot of free board for the emergency overflow to the top of the berm.  Karan further stated Heartland Chevrolet just has to make some elevation changes and they are willing to do that. 


Karan stated she recommends approval subject to Heartland Chevrolet bringing in a new drawing with the elevation changes.


Commissioner Williams asked for questions from the Board.  There were none.


Commissioner Williams asked for comments from the public.  There were none.


Commissioner Williams asked for a motion.


Commissioner Pike moved to approve the Heartland Chevrolet drainage plan with the required changes as explained by Karan Hargrave-Barnhill, Surveyor.  Motion 2nd by Commissioner Conner.  Motion carried, 3-0.






Karan Hargrave-Barnhill stated she has talked to Commissioner Williams and Commissioner Conner about the problems that exist at Tanglewood Ditch.


Karan stated the inlets at Crystal Court that catch the storm water coming off of the hill, drain to the inlets in the cul-de-sac and then down to Tanglewood Ditch.


Karan further explained that when they were talking to the contractors at the site about coming through the lots to get to the rip-rap area the met her there.  Karan further stated they have water bubbling up out of the joints, in the streets, and they thought a Chandler water main broken but they are still addressing that.


Karan stated Hydromac met her at Tanglewood Ditch today she explained they are a company that uses high-pressure water to blow out drainage structures.  Karan further stated the structures at this location are completely blocked and none of the storm water is draining through them.


Karan further stated that every time it rains, the people who live in this area have to deal with a swimming pool in their cul-de-sac and street.


Karan stated that one lady has to live with the water up to her garage and sometimes in her garage, every time it rains and another landowner has water in his crawl space.  She submitted a picture illustrating the storm water that stands in the cul-de-sac during rainfall.


Karan explained that she is getting an estimate from Hydromac to blow these structures out and this will have to be a highway project, but she is just trying to help expedite the solution.


Karan stated that she thinks that if they are cleaned out and are functioning properly and the water still is not making it to the ditch, she would like to create a swale from the back of the curb at the inlet to the legal drain to get the storm water to the ditch, which would act as an emergency over flow.


Karan stated she is working with the people in the subdivision and they are anxious to hear back from the Drainage Board.  She stated that she would like the Drainage Boards support on this project in getting a solution to their problem contacting Brian Burdette, Carl and everybody, she stated she has been pulled into this project because she was there when it was raining and there were a lot of various problems going on.


Commissioner Williams asked if Karan was looking at a swale between lots 40 and 41.  Karan confirmed.


Commissioner Conner stated he was surprised when Karan brought this problem to his attention that they have not had any concerns or complaints in the past.


Commissioner Pike stated Tanglewood had been a problem for a long while with flooding. 


Commissioner Pike asked if this problem was on the East or West end of Tanglewood.

Commissioner Conner replied the problem is on the East end of Tanglewood.


Commissioner Conner stated he could not believe these people have lived with this flooding problem for this long.


Commissioner Pike stated water stands pretty high in this particular area and it always has.  He further stated the ditch coming off of Fuquay Road is mostly grown up with trash and water does not get out.


Commissioner Pike stated they have always had problems getting water out of that area, and that intersection basically floods every time there is a large rain but it never gets into the houses.  He further explained that it basically floods the whole road in that area and the storm water gets as high as about 4 foot deep at times.


Commissioner Williams stated he noticed they have a 15-inch CMP going down between lots 40 and 41 and he wondered if that CMP is big enough.


Commissioner Pike stated if the Drainage Board believes that Tanglewood Ditch is stopped up they should run something through there and see if it is stopped up or not.


Karan stated Hydromac uses high-pressure water to blow out the structures and she thinks Hydromac does not believe it would be a problem blowing them out in this case.


Commissioner Pike stated the ditch they are talking about on the south side is a very small ditch with a lot of brush in it.


Commissioner Pike asked if Tanglewood Ditch was a legal drain and how far the drain goes. 


Karan stated the drain for Tanglewood Ditch goes from Bosma Subdivision to Gardner Webb Ditch.


Commissioner Conner stated there are several options that Karan is in the process of looking into. Commissioner Conner further stated what he would like to do everything the Drainage Board can to expedite cleaning up this mess. 


Commissioner Conner made a motion to direct the County Surveyor to work with the County Engineering Department and the Highway Department in regards to coming up with some costs in regards with what options they need to follow to resolve this issue, and all that the departments make it a priority.  He further stated that Karan could then get back to the Drainage Board with cost as soon as possible so the Drainage Board can make a decision on this matter.


Commissioner Williams stated he believes the only thing that can come out of the Drainage funds would be access going into the legal drain.  Commissioner Pike added the rest of it would be Highway.


Commissioner Pike stated some of it could not come out of Highway because it is on private property.

Karan stated everything from the intersection to the inlet is in the road right of way.  The only thing that would not be is the swale from the end of the cul-de-sac to the legal drain that is about 100 feet.


Commissioner Williams stated the Drainage Board would have to get a temporary right of entry from the property owners.  Karan agreed and stated if it directly affects the roadway issues the Highway Department can still handle that too but she does not care to help.


Commissioner Conner stated that his motion is not to spend any money at this time, but to give Karan full responsibility to work with the other two departments that will be involved in this project, and come back with some prices so the Drainage Board can make a decision to do it in an expeditious manner.  Commissioner Conner further stated he thinks this is a mess and his understanding is anytime we have any rain it affects these properties.


Commissioner Williams asked for a 2nd.  The motion was 2nd by Commissioner Pike.  Motion carried, 3-0.




Karan stated Monte Williams owns property at State Road 66 just South of Heritage Drive.


Commissioner Williams asked what the name of the subdivision was.  Karan replied Sudamar Heights.


Karan stated Monte Williams came to the plat review committee and wanted to build a commercial building on a lot that is north of the Sudamar Heights Subdivision. 


Karan stated she had told Mr. Williams he needed to do a drainage plan that had retention and indicating proposed drainage patterns.  Karan further stated Monte Williams’ Engineer has contacted her and wanted to meet her at the site. 


Karan stated she went to the property and discussed with the Engineer several different problems. Karan further stated in front of the Sudamar Subdivision, which is not actually part of his development he wants the commercial site built on, but it directly affects the drainage in that area. 


Karan stated Monte Williams has dug a huge hole, which resembles a mining operation, and it appears he is selling the soil.  Karan further stated some of the soil Mr. Williams is moving to the other side of the road and he has blocked off drainage to Sudamar residents. 
Karan stated he has built a berm put wood, logs, and brush in back of their houses in the direct natural flow where the water is supposed to go.  Karan further stated she explained to his Engineer at the site what her problems were and Mr. Williams indicated a willingness to clean it up, open the drainage way up, and do a drainage plan that shows exactly where all the storm water is to be directed.


Karan stated she also explained to him if he gets it all filed on two separate plans, one plan the area directly in front of Sudamar Heights Subdivision and the other plan showing the commercial development she would review it and be willing to recommend approval for the commercial building.  Karan further stated until the plans are filed, he is not going to get his building permit because Sherri can hold that up until drainage plans are filed.


Commissioner Pike asked if this property on State Road 66 and Wildwood.  Karan replied yes, the site is at State Road 66 and Wildwood Drive.


Karan stated Mr. Williams has totally blocked off and redirected storm water.  Karan further stated she couldn’t figure out where the drainage structures are leading, ending, and some of them are completely obstructed.


Commissioner Williams stated Karan has Monte Williams on the right track by having him do a drainage plan.




Karan stated she had told the Drainage Board at the last meeting she would go out and look at this site.  Karan further stated the landowners were complaining, and with reason, their whole bank is eroding every time it rains.


Karan stated when she got out to the site and looked under the bridge she saw rip-rap and large gravel laying under the bridge at an angle, when the water hits the rip-rap area it bounces back and hits another eroded area then the roadside drainage take a swirling action at a deeper portion of the ditch creating suction.  Karan explained she was at the site when it was raining so she could see what was going on.


Karan stated she would like to get a machine in the area to clean Polkberry Ditch out, realign the ditch where it is not coming in at the bank like it currently is, reinforce the ditch bank with rip-rap which should not be as costly as the Drainage Board thought it would be originally.  Karan further stated they are trying to put in Gabions or some type of structure to hold the bank. 




Karan stated Robinson Ditch, the portion from State Road 61 to Robinson Road, was under construction and they got all the ditching done it was looking great.  Karan further stated they started on the rip-rap and very large rains came and started washing away some of the rip-rap and part of the banks.


Karan stated she wanted to update the Drainage Board to let them know they will probably have to come back and ask for an add-on to the original contract price.  Karan explained because of the heavy rains, they will have to do some patch up work because they could not get the rip-rap in before the rain.




Karan stated during the last meeting she had discussed with the Drainage Board getting one of the large tank cars that were at the Highway Department.  Karan further stated the Drainage Board said she could check with the Highway Department to find out the cost of the tank cars were so they could offer them for sale to the property owners.


Karan stated the tank car she was interested in was donated to the Highway Department.  Karan further stated she would like to ask the Drainage Board what she should offer this tank car to the landowner so this project can get started so they can get the cluster pipes that is blocking the drain, out of the ditch.


Commissioner Pike stated there are two tank cars at the Highway Department.  Commissioner Pike asked if they were both donated.  Karan replied one tank car was purchased and the other tank car was donated.


Commissioner Conner asked if there are any plans to use the one that was donated. 


Karan stated she checked with Brian Burdette, Jack Gore, and Steve Sherwood, and they all said there are no plans for the donated tank car because there are holes in it and they are afraid to use it.


Commissioner Williams stated the cluster pipes are collecting debris.


Commissioner Pike stated that he remembered the pipe was dropped off and had many holes in that would make it too unsafe.


Commissioner Williams asked who was going to be installing this tank car.


Karan stated she would explain to the property owner that it would be his responsibility.  Karan further stated the Drainage Board is getting the property owner the pipe; the property owner would have to get it delivered and installed at his expense.


Commissioner Conner asked from a legal perspective, how would the Drainage Board go about it if they decided to just donate the tank car to the landowner. 

Attorney Ashley asked who owns the pipe.  Commissioner Conner replied that the County owns it.  Commissioner Williams added the County does not have any tentative use for the pipe and it was donated to the County.


Commissioner Pike stated the Drainage Board would have to declare the pipe surplus and under $1000. 


Commissioner Conner stated if the Drainage Board declares surplus then they can donate the pipe to the landowner.  


Commissioner Williams asked Karan if she has had a chance to talk to the property owner to see if he is willing to have the pipe installed at his expense.  Karan replied she did not want to talk to the property owner until she had talked to the Drainage Board but she will call the landowner and tell him what the plans are.




Karan stated she is going to be turning in an Appropriation of Cummulative Drainage fund to be used for the many drain projects they have going on.  Karan further stated the $200,000 that was appropriated is down to $75,000 and she needs to get more money appropriated into that account.  Karan explained it is not an additional amount; the money is there she just needs to get it put into that line item.




Karan stated that Rod Madden met with property owner of K & H Lateral who has had wash outs of his two banks.  Karan further stated he is willing to do the labor and actually place the rip-rap in the two washes if the Drainage Board will have the rip-rap delivered to him. 


Karan stated the cost from Mulzers for the rip-rap which would be about four loads is $1125.60 and Karan would like to go ahead and have the rip-rap delivered to the property owner if the Drainage Board does not have any problem with it.


Commissioner Williams asked for any comments from the Board.


Commissioner Conner asked Karan if there was any other source to get the rip-rap from besides Mulzers.  Karan replied there is no other source.


Commissioner Williams asked if the property owner wanted to place the rip-rap.  Karan replied yes, the property owner said he would use his own equipment if the Drainage Board would deliver it.


Commissioner Williams asked Rod if he had looked at this property also.  Rod Madden replied he had looked at the property and believes the four loads would take care of the project.


Commissioner Williams asked for any other comments.


Commissioner Williams asked for rule of Board.


Commissioner Conner moved to approve the request of the County Surveyor to purchase the four loads of rip-rap from Mulzers to be delivered to the property designated.  Motion 2nd by Commissioner Pike.  Motion Carried.




Karan stated Ruhe Drainage and Excavating completed Gardner Webb Ditch at Gourley 8 and he did a very good job on this project.


Commissioner Conner stated the Gardner Webb Ditch does look good.  Commissioner Conner asked how deep the ditch is.


Rod Madden stated the Gardner Webb Ditch goes from 2 foot to 5 foot.


Karan stated they had stabilized the bank along the property owner’s yards because it was washing away and the property owners are now happy.




Karan stated the grinding project has been stopped because of the floodwaters, but it is about halfway completed.


Karan stated Gardner Road North of Telephone Road to Bell and Tanglewood West of Subdivision to Gardner Webb has been ground and mowed.




Commissioner Pike stated item number two of the claims he will not get a vote in favor from him, however he would vote for item numbers one and three.


Commissioner Williams stated he would like to take the claims one at a time. 


Commissioner Williams stated item number one is a claim from Warrick Excavating for rip-rap portion of Daniel Hugel Ditch in the sum of $950, balance owed on $4000 bid on Daniel Hugel Ditch in sum of $ 1,000 for total sum of $1950.  Commissioner Williams asked for a motion.


Commissioner Conner moved the Drainage Board approve the claim to be paid to Warrick Excavating in the amount of $1950.  Motion 2nd by Commissioner Pike.  Motion carried, 3-0.


Commissioner Williams stated item two, Southern Indiana Honda Polaris for Surveyors 4-wheeler.  Commissioner Williams asked Karan what the 4-wheeler would be used for.


Karan stated the 4-wheeler would be used in various ways as follows:


·        To provide transportation along their ditch banks to inspect projects

·        Check ditch sites before they do the ditch projects

·        Help lay out the projects

·        Seeding when necessary

·        Spraying the ditches as they go



Karan stated the 4-wheeler would expedite everything they do.  Karan further stated they have already used it and it saved them 2 hours worth of walking time.


Commissioner Conner moved the Drainage Board approve the claim for Southern Indiana Honda for the new 4-wheeler, which has been purchased and was approved in a previous meeting in the total dollar amount of $5500.  Motion 2nd by Commissioner Williams.  Motion carried, 2-1.


Commissioner Williams stated claim number three from Ruhe Drainage & Excavating, Inc. for Gardner Webb Ditch at Gourley #8.  Completed.  $18,778.


Commissioner Conner moved the Drainage Board approve the claim to Ruhe Drainage & Excavating, Inc. for work completed on Gardner Webb Ditch in the amount of $18,778.  Motion 2nd by Commissioner Pike.  Motion carried, 3-0.


Commissioner Conner made a motion to recess.  Motion 2nd by Commissioner Williams.  Motion carried.