MARCH 24, 2004

3:00 P.M.





MEMBERS PRESENT:†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† PHILLIP H. BAXTER, PRESIDENT

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† CARL JAY CONNER, VICE-PRESIDENT

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† DON WILLIAMS, SECRETARY

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† DON ASHLEY, ATTORNEY FOR BOARD

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† KARAN BARNHILL, SURVEYOR

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ROD MADDEN, DEPUTY SURVEYOR



ALSO PRESENT:†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† JOHN MATTINGLY, AL HUTSON

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† KIM JAMES, JERRY AIGNER

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† DAVID WONDHOLT, JOE SCHITTER

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† GERALD LEWIS





President Baxter brought the March 24, 2004 meeting to order. He stated that he is going to move the discussion that was scheduled for #1 after the Hold Harmless and start with the approval of minutes of February 25, 2004 and March 3, 2004.





Commissioner Williams made a motion to approve the minutes of February 25, 2004 and March 3, 2004 as presented, 2nd by Commissioner Conner. Motion carried 3-0.




Karan Barnhill, Surveyor stated there were 5 quotes turned in. She passed them to Don Ashley, Attorney for the Board.


Mr. Ashley opened each quote separately and stated that quotes for Scales-Lipnight Lateral are as follows:


  1. D-Lite Excavating, Inc. ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $1,295.00
  2. Jerry Aigner Construction, Inc.††††††††††††† $†† 765.00
  3. DG Construction††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $2,450.00
  4. Warrick Excavating, Inc.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $2,300.00
  5. Ryans Excavating, LLC††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $3,830.00



President Baxter asked for any discussion?


Commissioner Williams asked if all had been present at the pre-bid meeting?


Rod Madden, Deputy Surveyor answered no, Warrick Excavating and Ryans Excavating were not present at the pre-bid meeting.


Commissioner Williams made a motion to award the contract to Jerry Aigner Construction for the amount of $765.00, 2nd by Commissioner Conner. Motion carried 3-0.




Karan stated there was only 1 quote turned in.


Mr. Ashley stated that it comes from Jerry Aigner Construction, Inc. for tree grinding and removal in the amount of $800.00.


Commissioner Conner made a motion to accept the proposed quote of $800.00 for Haas Ditch from Aigner Construction, 2nd by Commissioner Williams. Motion carried 3-0.






Karan stated that there was no one present to represent this plan and asked Don Ashley if this could be discussed.


Mr. Ashley stated that if there are issues to be discussed, it should be continued and they would have to have a representative present for this to be acted on.


Commissioner Williams made a motion to continue the Deaconess Drainage Plan, 2nd by President Baxter. Motion carried 3-0.




Mr. John Mattingly developer of Rosewood Subdivision with 32 lots and he has a detention pond at the rear of the development that drains into a floodway which goes into a flood plain and he is requesting that they be allowed to divert the water directly to the ditch and eliminate the detention pond.


Karan stated she was contacted by Mr. Mattingly, asking her to meet him at the site (he has also talked to some of the Commissioners as well), in regards to possibly eliminating the storm retention easement. She added that in reviewing the calculations and she also talked to the design engineer with it being her opinion the detention pond could be eliminated and the storm water could be drained directly into the ditch. She explained that the development is close enough to the ditch and it is large enough to hold the capacity as this is already being done in Warrick and Vanderburgh Counties. She stated that the basin is primarily dry most of the time and recommends approval.


Commissioner Conner stated that he wanted to make sure he understands, that the builder is requesting the removal of the retention basin located on lots 29 and 32 with the alternative drain going directly into the Ohio River, is this correct?


Mr. Mattingly stated that is correct.


Commissioner Williams stated that by looking at the plans the retention basin is very small.


President Baxter stated that he was at the site 10 days ago and even though this is the wet season the retention pond was dry.


Commissioner Williams stated there was some water there today as there were 2 mallards swimming in it.


Karan stated that the only time she knows of it holding water was when the outfall structure was blocked.


Commissioner Williams asked Mr. Mattingly how he felt about cleaning a ditch?


Karan stated that the property line falls just short of the center line of the ditch and she does not think that the ditch is a regulated drain, but that it probably needs to be.


Commissioner Williams agreed that with its size it should be something the Board needs to look into.


Karan stated she was always under the impression that Esche Ditch was a regulated drain, but her crew researched it and she has looked on all of her maps and has determined that it is not a regulated drain. She added that she thinks this is something that should be looked at in the future.


Commissioner Conner made a motion to approve the request of developer John Mattingly to eliminate the existing detention basin and allow the water to drain into the drainage ditch and directly into the Ohio River, 2nd by Commissioner Williams. Motion carried 3-0.




President Baxter explained that Mallard Lake Subdivision was continued from March 3, 2004.


Karan asked Jerry Aigner that before there was any discussion she wanted to ask about the easement for the storm water retention area that was provided to her at the last meeting, she stated that everything is ok she just wanted to state that this lies outside the development and if this is approved and before the secondary plat, it has to be executed. She explained that it has to be signed by Stu Phillips.


Karan stated as the Board recalls from the last meeting the discussion regarding the fact that this development was going to be built in a flood plain and there were some concerns from herself and she brought them to the Boardís attention. She explained that there were also some remonstrators present as no one knew what the effects the fill would have as it ranged from 4-foot to 8-foot. She stated she was not sure how filling that large of an area would impact the surrounding properties.


Karan explained that she made some phone calls and Mr. Bivins provided a map which is in front of the Board now which shows the area that is being discussed. She stated that she is going to explain her fears in laymanís terms, she was thinking of a bathtub effect and if that tub is full and holds water all of the time when you throw something into the tub the water will come up over the sides of the bathtub. She stated she was not sure where that water would go and how it would impact the surrounding areas. She has discussed this with other engineering firms and they have explained to her that she has the right concept and it is a concern and it is also something that should be taken into consideration. Karan stated that it was explained to her that you also have to take into consideration the amount of property in the flood plain around that bathtub, if the area was small in relation such as 50-acres and you are filling in 10 acres then that would impact the surrounding area because that water is going to come up over areas that it has never come to before. She further explained that being it is a large area the water will fan out and will only raise the water amount a very small amount. She also explained that in talking to DNR since there is a flood plain ordinance and have allowed them to take over the flood plain for our county, they are relieving the Drainage Board and County of any liability. She stated that since DNR does all of the studies to make sure this is not going to impact the surrounding areas and is taking that responsibility, all the Drainage Board is liable for is the approval of the drainage plans for the subdivision.


Commissioner Williams asked if DNR has already given their approval?


Karan answered that DNR has given them a Conditional Letter of Map Revision, it is called a C.L.O.M.R.


Commissioner Conner asked what they mean by conditional?


Karan answered that it means that DNR is saying that they can fill the area but once you get it filled you have to bring in a certification that shows the first floor is above the flood plain elevation, so it is conditional upon them actually doing the fill.


Jerry Aigner introduced himself as representing Lake Group and Mallard Lake Subdivision.



Commissioner Williams stated that at the last meeting it had been discussed that there should be a study of this area and asked if it has been done?


Mr. Aigner answered thatís what the papers are that Karan spread out and gave them a copy of.


Karan told the Board that the water level would only raise .1/165 of an inch in that area.


President Baxter asked if there were any questions for Mr. Aigner or the Board? He then asked for remonstrators?


Ms. Kim James stated that her concern is that the Board is setting a precedence for development along Pigeon Creek and while this one development may not be enough to promote flooding further down the creek, all of that land is primed and ready for development and with this one being approved it is setting a precedence.


Ms. James asked if the 6,628 acres was acreage all along Pigeon Creek?


Karan answered that it is the area on the map that is depicted in blue.


Ms. James admitted that she was concerned with her portion of the flood plain, but what she is speaking of is that this is the beginning of development in this area, there is no other significant development along this creek and she feels that there is a precedence being set with it being the very 1st one and to allow this much fill will allow all of this to be filled along the creek. She added that perhaps not through this one development but through all of the ones that will come within the next decade will affect all of us that live on that part of the creek.


Karan stated that each individual development has to go through the same procedure, so they will all have to go through DNR as well and they will study those areas just the same as they did this one and will make a recommendation, the County or the Drainage Board does not have any say over the fill in the flood plain.


Ms. James stated to let her clarify this then, the letter from DNR approved the finished floor level of the homes, is this correct? She asked Karan to tell her again what DNRís letter approved?


Karan answered that it approves fill in the flood plain area to bring that building site up to an elevation thatís at or above the flood plain elevation that has been established by DNR.


Ms. James asked what does that mean to her, who is worrying about flooding on her property South? How does that affect her property?


Karan answered that it doesnít affect her property at all.


Ms. James said, exactly that was her point, and by allowing them to build their homes and this sets a new level so that their houses wonít be in the flood plain, but it does support her argument that by filling it may affect her ground.


Karan stated that these were questions that Ms. James needs to direct to Department of Natural Resources because they are the ones that administer that part of the ordinance and they are the ones who make that determination, the County does not. She further added that the County has adopted a flood plain ordinance that gives the Department of Natural Resources the authority to make those decisions on the Countyís behalf.


Ms. James said and relieves the County of liability in case of flooding along there, but you are the ones that will approve or disapprove the zoning.


Karan answered that the Area Planning Commission does the zoning and she believes that it has already been done. She added that there are 3 agencies that she is dealing with, the Drainage Board deals with the drainage of the development itself, to see that all of the drainage in that particular development is detained or retained to make sure that it doesnít come off of the development faster than what it does right now. She further added that then you have the Commissioners who approve the street construction plans and that is making sure that the streets meet all of the County standards and then the Planning Commission approves the layout of the development in the subdivision itself so they can go out and offer the lots for sale. She explained that these are the 3 agencies that have to be dealt with and DNR is the agency that handles the flood plain issues.


Ms. James asked when the meeting is for her and her neighbors to make their point clear about their concern of the development along Pigeon Creek. She added that if she understands what Karan explained is that the County has no authority to make sure that the flood plain of Pigeon Creek is not filled because the County has given it to the Department of Natural Resources.


Karan answered that Department of Natural Resources has all the authority over flood plain issues.


Commissioner Williams explained to Ms. James that this wasnít done yesterday, it was done many years ago.


Ms. James stated so that means the County has no control over flood plain issues?


Commissioner Williams answered that they have control over the zoning.


Karan told Ms. James that if she wanted to stop in the Plan Commission they could give her the contact person for DNR in the division of water to tell them of your concerns.


President Baxter asked if there was any other discussion?


Commissioner Williams asked Karan if she had the drainage plan?


Karan explained that the southern portion of this development is where the storm water retention area is located. She further explained that part of it lies within the development and part of it lies outside, they own the property, itís just not in that development and anytime that takes place they have to provide an easement for storm water retention so that itís recorded and will always be there so they canít come back and do away with it or develop it differently. She further stated that the easement needs to be executed and be recorded with the secondary plat so the area the retention basin is going to be in will always be designated. Karan added that all of the storm water is draining into the lake and it is a lake that is to be constructed, is that right?


Mr. Aigner answered that is correct.


There was discussion pertaining to the drainage plan about the flood plain line and what the different colors related to.


President Baxter asked if there was any other discussion?


Commissioner Williams made a motion to approve the drainage plan, however, he has reservations about building up that high, but that is DNRís decision, 2nd by Commissioner Conner. Motion carried 3-0.


Mr. Aigner stated that Mr. Harlan Metgzer had just prompted him to relate to Ms. James to maybe relieve some of her concerns that there is a wet lands being created right behind the development and they will be digging down and taking a hill off and this will make an immediate relief that is not there now. He stated that this should help not raise the water in her area and the surrounding areas.






Karan stated the Town of Newburgh is upgrading their sewer system and in doing so they are creating a gravity sanitary sewer main which will be located within the Right-of-Entry of Esche Ditch and will not actually be crossing the ditch but will be in the ROE. She added that they are also doing the same in Summer-Pecka Ditch and crossing the ditch which will be 3 to 31/2 feet underneath the existing flow line and will be encased in steel. She explained that it meets all of the Boardís criteria and have provided 2 Hold Harmless Covenants, she recommends approval.


Commissioner Williams asked Don Ashley, Attorney if he had seen the Covenants?


They were passed to Mr. Ashley so he could examine them.


Mr. Ashley stated that the covenants were the standard agreement on the standard form that we have used in the past and they appear to be satisfactory.

Commissioner Williams made a motion to approve the 2 Hold Harmless Covenants from the Town of Newburgh, 2nd by Commissioner Conner. Motion carried 3-0.






Karan went to the podium and explained to the Board that she had went to the Council the 1st week in March & requested a new vehicle to replace the Ford Bronco. She stated that the Bronco is on its last legs, she has done some research and had found out that the Bronco was purchased out of County General in the Surveyors budget, so that is where it should be replaced from. She stated she got three quotes and went to the Council for additional appropriation to buy a new truck. The Council told her they did not have the money and suggested her to come back to the Drainage Board.


Karan stated that the Bronco is a 1994 SUV and has 112,000 miles on it many of which are off-road miles on pretty rugged terrain, so its not like itís been all driven on paved or just rock roads. She added that this vehicle has to go where normal vehicles do not have to go, the Surveyors vehicle is not like any other County vehicle, it has to go down ditch banks, across rugged terrain and ditches that you cannot get to in any other way. She added that it was in very poor shape when she took office and she thinks her crew has done pretty good working with it for the past 3Ĺ years. She further stated that the Chevy truck that was purchased was not a replacement for the Bronco, it was purchased as a second vehicle because her crew has to split up to get to their job sites and she or Rod has to meet with people in order to cover the whole County.


Karan explained that they have utilized both vehicles as best as they can, the Bronco was originally purchased out of the Surveyorís budget and she would prefer to pay for it but the Council does not have the money. She explained they suggested that she use the money in Cumulative Drain as there is an excess of $500,00.00 to purchase another vehicle. She further stated the rainy day fund was mentioned but she was told that was not a possibility as they need it for emergency use.She stated that the Cumulative Drain Fund is there for maintenance and construction of legal drains and that is what the truck will be primarily used for, so her crew can get to the ditches and they have to go almost every day as they have over 400 miles of regulated drains to maintain. She sent out bids for a new vehicle and in accordance with the purchasing requirements for the State as she sent out for 3 competitive bids that came in sealed and she opened them only to get a cost estimate to go to the Council, they were in her office and no one saw them. She stated they are as follows:


  1. Heartland Chevy-Trailblazer†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $22,611.51
  2. Hendrickson Enterprises-Jeep Cherokee†††††††††† $22,214.00
  3. Hendrickson Enterprises-Dodge Durango†††††††† $22,593.00
  4. Colburn Ford-Explorer†††††††††††††††††††††††† $21,515.00


She added that the Ford Bronco has very many problems and to list a few, which to repair would be very costly.


  1. Transmission is going out
  2. Front end is loose and shakes and rattles as it goes down the road
  3. 4-wheel drive pops and is going out, donít know if it can be repaired.
  4. Truck will not start when it rains or if the weather is even very damp and is down until it is sunny and the truck dries out.
  5. Back window does not function and crew canít get their equipment out unless they enter through the front door and crawl over the back seats to the rear area.


Karan stated these are only the things they know about and some repairs have been made, in December her office spent over $675.00 for fuel pump, then we had to have the ignition switch replaced. She added that she keeps pouring money into a truck that is old, worn out and needs to be replaced. She checked on the Bluebook cost of the Bronco and it is $4,425.00 right now. She further stated that it would be a good truck for the landfill as it would do good in short distances and areas, whereas her crew has to go from one end of the County to the other. She doesnít feel comfortable sending her crew out in a truck that may break down any time on all the back roads they have to travel to get to the regulated drains and if it would break down it would cost an arm and leg to get it out of some of the places we have to go.


Karan feels that utilizing her staff as she has, they have cleared ditch banks by hand, installed erosion control matting by ourselves to bring the cost of the projects down. She stated we have designed all of projects in-house & we donít get outside engineering firms to come in to bring the cost of the design of our projects up. She stated she thinks that her crew has saved Cumulative Drain Fund a lot of money as her crew has treated 20 miles of ditches and installed the flap-gate structure on Eskew Road and utilized a contractor that was already there to bring the cost of that down as we didnít have to pay for extra equipment getting to the site and leaving. She stated she feels that she and her crew has saved in excess of what a new vehicle would cost.


Karan further stated that she does not have a problem with initiating and implementing the storm water requirements, but she needs a vehicle and she is going to need help to do that. She added that growing up she worked in a gas station and her father always taught her not to keep pouring money into a vehicle than what it was worth. She stated that she has worked for the County for 23 years and has managed budgets, purchased supplies and she has never misused County funds, she tries to do a good job and the truck is basically not for her but for the citizens that need them to be there and we need to be able to get there. She further stated she is asking for the Board to approve the purchase of a vehicle out of Cumulative Drain so that her office can keep functioning and keep progressing as we are.


Commissioner Conner stated that the Board had requested some time ago for Karan to submit those proposals to Roger Emmons who has been designated as the County Purchasing Agent and he asked Karan if she had done so?


Karan answered that the proposals had been in her office as she stated since they were received.


Commissioner Conner asked Karan why they werenít submitted to Roger as requested?


Karan stated because basically she had sent them out during the transition like she did the copy machine, when Roger designated her as her own purchasing agent and then the Board withdrew it and stated you did not want her to be her own purchasing agent. She had decided then to have the truck paid for out of County General and she didnít see any reason to take them to Roger they were already in her hands and opened.


Mr. Joe Schitter, Warrick County Council member asked for permission to speak to the Board and stated that Karan did appear before the Council at the March 11th meeting and ask for funds out of General Fund. He added that he told her he would like to explain to her Drainage Board why he was a nay vote, because County General at that point and time with the information they had was sitting at about $490,700.00 which is very low. He explained that it is similar to the situation the Council was in last year and at the end of last year they noticed a shortfall on several different funds out of County General. He stated that he feels partially responsible as he was one of the ones that ask Karan to try and find money elsewhere and that is why she is coming to your Board tonight.


Mr. Schitter explained that he was not here to tell the Board how to spend Cumulative Drain money and he is not here to say that the Council thinks you should take it out of Cumulative Drain because we werenít willing to take it out of one of our funds. He added that he did see the need as he has been around that vehicle in the past and was in the parking lot when it left one day and he heard the transmission clanking. He further stated that he agreed that it is old, he has not driven the vehicle, but for the purposes where they have to use it and also for the added work of MS-4 he does understand their need for a new vehicle. He stated that he just couldnít vote to take it out of General Fund in the situation they are in, but he would keep looking and investigating as much as we can to try and find any funds to purchase a new vehicle. He asked the Board with his hat in his hand for consideration on this issue.


Commissioner Conner stated that to begin with he does not think that Mr. Schitter has to come to the Board with hat in hand simply due to the fact that there has been a misunderstanding here as this Board never directed Karan to go to the Council.


Karan answered that she never indicated that they did.


Mr. Schitter stated that Karan did not tell him that.


Commissioner Conner answered that he did not say she did, he just wanted to explain what occurred and we did not have an opportunity to make a decision whether or not this Board was going to approve the purchase of a new vehicle because simply what the Board told Karan was that she needed to go out and get three proposals and send them to Roger Emmons for the Board to work with Roger as he is the designated purchasing manager for the County and that did not happen.


Mr. Schitter stated that he thinks that some of the concerns was that there was a misunderstanding also and he really believes that Karan thought that she would be able to get General Funding for this.


Commissioner Conner stated thatís fine, but he wanted the County Council to understand that this Board understands what the financial situation is with the County and this Board would have never sent her to them to ask for those monies simply for the fact that we know that there is a substantial sum of money in the Cumulative Drain Fund.


Mr. Schitter stated that he agreed, but he wasnít under the indication that the Drainage Board had sent Karan to the Council and the original vehicle had come out of the General Fund and probably a new vehicle should, but he was one of the 3 votes that turned it down only because County General does not have the funds.


Commissioner Conner stated that he understood that and he thinks that Mr. Schitter is doing the right thing by trying to conserve the Rainy Day Fund as it should be spent just for emergency situations.


Mr. Schitter thanked the Board for their time and the Board thanked Mr. Schitter for his time.


Rod Madden explained to Commissioner Conner that he is part to blame with this not getting turned over to Roger Emmons because Karan had asked him to get some truck specs together and take them to Roger, which he did initially and he offered to do all of the leg work for Roger at that time. He stated that he did not realize that it is quite the issue with the Board that he take command, but at that time he was kind of overwhelmed so that is why he offered and did some of the leg-work taking the bids to the dealers and they came back to the Surveyors Office instead of Roger, but it was at his initiation no one elseís, so he thinks it is partly his fault.


Karan explained that there was no scheme to leave anyone out, she just decided in the middle of all this that since the vehicle was purchased from General Funding it should be replaced by General Funding. She added that at the same time that she and Rod were talking about asking for it out of County General, Roger sent a memo that stated he would designate Karan as her own purchasing agent as he was very busy and by that time she had decided to ask for it out of General Fund. She again stated that it was not done purposely every thing just got mixed up.


Commissioner Williams stated he had two questions, the first being what the original date of the quotes?


Karan stated she does not know off the top of her head but she has copies and could get it for him.


Commissioner Williams asked if anyone knew if the quotes were still valid?


Karan answered that Randy Geiser, Heartland Chevy, which was not a low bid, stated their bid was only good for a short time but didnít give her a cut off date. She added that as far as she knew the rest of the bids were still good.


There was discussion about the bids being dated January 31st, but couldnít find a date where they lapsed.

Karan stated that the low bid was from Coburn Ford.


Commissioner Williams asked if they were matching the Government price?


Karan answered yes they were.


Commissioner Williams stated that he thinks there is a valid need for a new truck, however, he would like for Roger to verify the bids and to see if they are still good and if they are still good he would lean toward supporting them. He added that it needs to be addressed again at the first meeting in April as he doesnít want to vote to purchase the truck at $21,500.00 and it has went up to $23,000.00 because the cost has gone up.


Karan stated that it is advertised for the first meeting in April to go back to the Council and she doesnít want to miss the deadline so that she has to wait another month.


Mr. Schitter stated that meeting is on April 1st.


Commissioner Williams stated that he thinks the truck does need to be replaced and he knows that to Karan it is urgent to Karan but he does not see how another 2-4 weeks is going to hurt to make sure that the prices we have are still valid and if this Board chooses to support that funding that we give you the correct amount.


Commissioner Conner asked Karan if she had went out as Commissioner Williams had indicated some time ago that he might support repairing the truck and does she have the cost it would take to repair the present truck.


Karan answered no, but she knows that a transmission to put in a 4-wheel truck was right at $2,000.00 and that was just a transmission. She added that all of the work that needs to be done on the truck would far exceed the cost of the truck itself.


Commissioner Conner stated so basically she is saying that to repair the truck the cost would exceed $20,000.00 plus.


Karan answered that it would exceed the cost of the existing truck as it is worth now, you would be putting more into a vehicle than what it is worth. She added that the truck is worth $4,400.00 and the repairs would be in excess of that.


Commissioner Conner stated he personally would like to see a bread-down of all of the cost from a reputable facility in the Boonville area in regards to what, in their opinion, not her opinion, it will take to repair the truck and also the cost of repairing the truck. He stated he would then be prepared to sit down and take a look at whether or not what option he will support.


Rod Madden asked if the Ford Garage would be acceptable even though they have a bid on a new truck?



Commissioner Conner answered that as long as they are willing to do some type of estimate and put down line item what they feel is appropriate and what the cost is going to be and if they will sign it to substantiate it.


Karan asked so what is being said is that Commissioner Williams saying that he wants Roger to verify that the price quotes are still good and Commissioner Conner wants a cost of what it will cost to repair the truck and these need to be done before the next meeting.


Commissioner Conner stated that was up to her, whenever she feels she can get it done and bring it back to the Board.


Karan answered that she would get it done as quick as she can as her staff needs a new vehicle as the truck is not going to last very much longer.


Commissioner Williams stated that her philosophy and his vary greatly in vehicles in use ability.


Karan answered she know this but that his vehicle does not have to go where this vehicle has to go and a personal vehicle does not have to do the same things.


Commissioner Williams stated that he does understand that, but in the meantime he asked Rod to take him for a ride.


Rod said Commissioner Williams could also drive the vehicle.




President Baxter asked if there were any questions on the claims?


Commissioner Conner asked in regards to the first claim to WTH Technology, for the $24,000.00, is this something that has already been done or is this related to the presentation to which they had done recently and the Board approved them updating what we presently have in the system?


Karan answered that this is for the new aerial photography and the amount that is being charged is $5,000.00 for setting up the field control targets and the rest of it is for part of the flight that has already been flown. She added that they are turning in a part of the payment of the $60,000.00 on the contract price.


Commissioner Conner asked what the $5,000.00 was for?


Karan answered it was for setting up the field control in the field.


Commissioner Conner stated then they are charging us the difference between $23,815.00 and $5,000.00 of flight time?


Karan answered that it just says collection of aerial photography, she doesnít know what it all entails, she guessed it was for the plane to go up.


Commissioner Conner asked if they have this broken down in regards to hours and all of that?


Karan answered, no.


The recording secretary stated that when Williams Company flew the aerials and sent statements, they did the same thing, they billed the County in increments such as this also, instead of the full amount all at the same time.


Commissioner Williams stated that this is part of the cost that was approved, not in addition.


Karan answered that it is not an addition, but a portion of the whole bill.


Commissioner Conner stated that he understands that it just seems in such a short period of time, how could they have accumulated these type of charges, he could see the $5,000.00, but he could not see $18,815.00 in such a short period of time for aerial photography, is that all of the photography that is going to be taken?


Karan answered that they have already flown it and taken the pictures, so now they are justifying it and putting it in format.


Commissioner Conner stated isnít the total $60,000.00? He added that he would like to see a specific breakdown on the $18,815.00. He could support the $5,000.00 and he is sure the $18,815.00 is appropriate, but he would just like to see what it all entails.


Commissioner Williams asked what was the cost on the originals that were done before?


Karan answered it was something like $125,000.00 for the entire job. She stated she could call the company and ask for a breakdown.


Commissioner Conner again stated that he would just like to see a breakdown of the cost.


Commissioner Williams stated that he thinks since the Board approved the $60,000.00 to pay for the complete job, they ought to pay the claims as they come in and made a motion to pay the claims, 2nd by President Baxter. Motion carried 2-1. Commissioner Conner opposed.


President Baxter asked if there was any other business to come before the Board?


Commissioner Williams made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Commissioner Conner. Motion carried 3-0.