January 10, 2007

107 W. Locust St. Suite 303

Boonville, IN 47601





The Warrick County Drainage Board met in regular session with President Phillip H. Baxter presiding, also in attendance were Carl Jay Conner, Vice-President; Don Williams, Secretary; James E. Niemeyer, Surveyor and David K. Zengler, Attorney for Board.


Minutes were recorded and transcribed by Cheryl D. Embry.


Also in attendance were Nathen Mominee from Sitecom, Inc; Leon Corressell, Ron Bacon, Jeff Harding, Gerald Lewis and Jerry Aigner.




Phil Baxter: Warrick County Drainage Board January 10, 2007 meeting will come to order. Weíve already had the Election of Officers, so we will pass that and we have appointed the Attorney.




Phil Baxter: Resolution 2007-1 is the Certification of Active Drains.


Don Williams:I would like to ask Jim, are these any different than last years?


Jim Niemeyer: No sir.


Don Williams:Since they are the same as last year and we approved them last year, I make the motion that we approve the regulated drains for 2007.


Carl Conner Iíll second that.


Motion was made and seconded to certify the drains. Motion carried 3-0.




Phil Baxter: Back to the Resolution 2007-1 that is for the Drainage Board meetings January through December, are there any question?


Don Williams:These are the second and fourth Wednesdays as always, therefore I make a motion that we approve Resolution 2007-1.


Carl Conner: Second


Motion was made and seconded. Motion passes 3-0.




Phil Baxter: We have the minutes from December 13, 2006, are there any questions?


Carl Conner: I would move that we approve the minutes of December 13, 2006 as presented.


Don Williams:Second.


Motion was made and seconded. Motion passed 3-0.




Jim Niemeyer: We have drainage plan approval for Otter Creek Estates Phase IV.


Bill Bivins: These are large lots with minimum size 2 Ĺ acres, the only thing I would make a comment on, Jim is that the primary plat does reflect that Otter Creek is a Legal Drain on the plat that is coming before the Area Plan tonight.


Carl Conner: Itís already a Legal Drain.


Bill Bivins:Yes, it just doesnít reflect it on that drawing, but it is a legal drain.


Don Williams:What about the 1.5 acre out lot?


Bill Bivins:The out lot there is aÖ.the final plat reflects an easement to get back to it and it is going to be sold to the owner of lot 8 in part 2 of the estates is going to buy that out lot.


Carl Conner: It hasnít been sold yet?


Bill Bivins: No, because we havenít platted the approval of the subdivision yet.


Carl Conner: Should we stipulate that in our motion or not?


Bill Bivins: Weíre here just for drainage it is not an approved building site itís an out lot. There is no soil test on that lot, so there is never going to be anything built on that lot.


It was asked where the legal drain was located and Mr. Bivins showed it to them on the drawing. he also reminded them that it is reflected on the plat to be recorded. He also showed them the flood zone.


Phil Baxter: Jim, do you approve of the drainage plans?


Jim Niemeyer: I do.


Carl Conner: I would move to approve the Otter Creek Estates Phase IV drainage plan as presented.


Don Williams:Second


Motion was made and seconded to approve. Motion carried 3-0.




Jim Niemeyer: Now we have Jeff Harding concerning the Youth Sport Complex.


Jeff Harding: Iím Jeff Harding with the Boonville Junior League Baseball-Softball Program.


Jerry Lewis:Jerry Lewis from the Warrick County Parks Department.


Darren McClellan: Darren McClellan with Jerry Aigner Excavating.


Mr. Harding: The main thing that we want to talk to this Board about is that there is a ditch on this property there behind the 4-H center and I think we all know which property we are talking about, that we need to get moved. We want to find out how to go about it or how you guys can go about getting that ditch moved.


Don Williams:Do you have an Engineers drawing that shows us what youíd like to have done with the ditch?


Jeff introduced Darren and stated that he is working with his Board and also showed the Drainage Board a drawing where they want the ditch located. He stated that they would like the ditch to run along the boundary line over to Roth Road. The ditch already goes under the road already. There was also discussion on the proposed sewer line and the moving of the pump station.


Don Williams:We were told when we gave you all this land that the pump station would stay.


Gerry Lewis: We can work around it, we can flip flop this field.


Don Williams:I donít like changes in the middle of the stream.

Darrin McClellan: The orientation of the field is going to be located so that this is actually put here if this is turned it can be left in this alleyway. It changes the traffic flow but it can be left.


Carl Conner:I guess my question is who is going to accept the financial responsibility to move the ditch and if we would approve, moving the pump station.


Mr. Lewis: Well, if that winds up being part of the project I would say the Parks Department.


Carl Conner: Okay, so then the Parks Department is willing to pay for the movement of that ditch and the movement of the pump station out of the bond proceeds?


Mr. Lewis:I donít know about the pump station cause I donít have a cost on that, but basically this ditch is part of the project.


Mr. Harding: Could the County do that with their manpower and equipment theyíve got move that ditch.


Carl Conner: Well, possibly we could do that however my understanding is that we have a number of projects that are backlogged now and this is just my opinion, but with that being a part of that project, I would prefer that it stay within the project and be paid for out of the bond proceeds because that is in fact what the bond issue I assume is being floated for is for the investment of the Capital Improvement and that is part of the Capital Improvement.


Mr. Lewis: Now the other side of the coin, Carl is that the money that goes to move that ditch out of that $2,000,000.00 takes away from some other project, so if we could do it with the County and change it to a County maintained ditch and have the County move this ditch it would certainly allow us to do other projects with that money. That would be our desire if you could get that done but if you canít get it done we understand. Over here is Degonia Road that runs east and west the ditch actually goes under Degonia and right there is where it ends as a County maintained ditch, is that right, Jim? Now what weíre proposing is that we make this a County maintained ditch over to here so that the County can maintain that ditch and that hopefully we wonít have to get a permit from the Corps of Engineers to move that ditch.


Carl Conner:Is that a legal drain, Jim?


Jim Niemeyer: It is up to this point here where it stops.


Mr. McClellan: The part that we are proposing to be moved is not a legal drain.


Jim Niemeyer:No


Carl Conner: But the part that they are talking about moving is a legal drain?

Mr. Lewis:No, none of this part is a legal drain.


Carl Conner: Oh, none of that is a legal drain so right now we donít even have any responsibility for itÖthe maintenance of it?


Mr. Lewis: No, what we would like to see is that we make that a legal drain so that the County can maintain it and like I saidÖÖ


Don Williams:Itís on County property, why couldnít we maintain it without making it a legal drain?


Mr. Lewis: I think you can.


Don Williams:I think we can too. I think we can move it.


Mr. Lewis: I just donít know why we would want to stop it over here when we could bring it over and stop it over there. I donít know how much work that is to make that a legal drain, I understand it requires an ordinance.


Carl Conner: You have to go through the County Commissioners.


Phil Baxter: Is the fall from here to there? Can you get enough fall to there now? It looks awful close to me.


Mr. McClellan:It is not going to have a tremendous amount of fall, but I think it will flow. I havenít been out there and actually shot it all yet.


Mr. Lewis: Well, it flows now doesnít it?


Phil Baxter: Youíre going uphill from there. Youíre probably talking several feet difference.


Mr. McClellan: This runs uphill from here to here and heís asking when it comes through this hill can we still maintain flow and flow out, I believe that we can. Itís in the works to get a topo done on that and then weíll know.


Don Williams:When do you plan on getting the Topo done?


Mr. McClellan: We just found out that they just did a fly over not too long ago so its accurate within two feet and we may get out there in part of this where the ditch is being moved and get it accurate within a foot with an instrument, but hopefully within the next couple of weeks.


Mr. Lewis: We would rather if we could get the County to do this portion of it and not take that money out of the Bond, weíre hoping that will allow us to build these other two fields to bring all of our kids out there at one time. If we have to start cutting into that piece of pie weíre concerned that it will be 4-5 years before we can bring the rest of the kids out there.


Carl Conner:I would assume that building those other two fields is probably going to be substantial in cost, right?


Mr. Lewis:If we light them first,we wonít be able to light those two fields right away.


Carl Conner:So what are we talking about in regards to building those two fields from cost without the lighting?


Mr. Lewis: Bleachers, fences and dirt weíre probably talking about $100,000.00.


Carl Conner: So basically what youíre saying then if I understand you correctly, that ditch is going to cost $100,000.00?


Mr. Lewis: Oh, I donít know.


Mr. McClellan:Just to move it? I donít think it will cost that much just to move the ditch, but theyíre lookingÖ.basically my involvement in this is just going to be like a project manager. They have some other people willing to donate portions of the work and portions of the material that hopefully will offset those two fields.


Carl Conner: So let me ask you this if you are going to be the project manager, you would probably know this. What is your estimate of putting the ditch where they want the ditch, what is your estimated cost?


Mr. McClellan: I just got this put on my desk about 2 days ago and I have been to IU today, but just as a thumbnail and Iím going to be wide with this 10 to 20.


Carl Conner:Only 10 to 20 thousand ?


Mr. McClellan: Just to move it? Yes not counting any permits that may or may not be required. Iím just talking about physical on the ground move the dirt.


Carl Conner:So, youíre saying that we can actually move the ditch from where it is now over to where they want it and find the ditch acceptable for $20,000.00?


Mr. McClellan: I believe


Carl Conner:Okay


Mr. Harding: As Darrin started to say, weíre talking to a lot of local business people trying to get donations, so we can get the rest of these fields built for the kids.


Mr. Zengler: If I might, this is not a legal ditch that they are moving, it is a natural ditch and does it just drain that area?


Jim Niemeyer: What they are asking for is an extension to the legal drain.


Mr. Zengler: I understand well thatís a possibility to extending a legal ditch yeah.


Phil Baxter: It drains several acres.


Mr. McClellan: But essentially what they are looking for right now is just what we were saying about joint ventures and donations, they are looking for support to move that ditch for us which is what weíre here for.


Carl Conner:And that is all youíre asking for is for us to move the ditch, not to be concerned about this extension or anything else?


Mr. Lewis: Well, if Don is right and this is County property then we donít need to involve the Corps of Engineers we donít have a problem. But we didnít want to have a 3 month delay dealing with the Corps of Engineers if we could make that a legal drain and have the County maintain it and not have to go before the Corps. That was our question, I guess.


David Zengler: If itís on County property I donít know whether itís going to make a lot of difference whether itís a legal ditch or not, I mean the County would stillÖ.unless you pass it to the Parks Department to maintain it But, short of that I would say that itís the Counties responsibility whether itís a legal ditch or not.


Carl Conner:Probably, I mean it really is going to be Parks Department real estate, you know. Maybe it is the responsibility of the Parks Department to maintain that ditch instead of the County. Basically, youíre asking the County Commissioners to maintain it, but itísÖwe gave control of how many acres? 20, we gave control of 20 acres to the Parks Department.


Mr. Lewis: Itís going to be the same tax dollars whether the Commissioners do or the Parks Department, I donít really care one way or the other, but you guys are in that business of maintaining ditches, you do it all the time, the Parks Department doesnít, but that is up to you guys. But what we would like to do is see this ditch is on the property line, therefore it would be theÖÖ


Carl Conner: Itís on the 4-H Fairground?


Mr. Lewis: No itís on the other side. It would be the property line down through there of County owned property and Parks Department property.


Carl Conner: So is it actually going to be on County controlled property instead of Parks Department property?


Mr. Lewis: Well, it depends on what you guys want, we proposing that it be the line.


Carl Conner: But I would assume that youíve probably decided or someone has decided that this is the most appropriate location for it.


Mr. Harding: Carl, currently there is a drive that comes in through here, it comespast this garage back here weíre proposing that drive, that rock road be put right down along side that ditch. What we were thinking is that the ditch was between the road and the Parks property there, that would create a little bit of security for people driving back there


(there was so much background noise it was very hard to follow exactly what the gentlemen were saying since they were not on the microphone)


Phil Baxter: Do you think youíll have the Topo in two weeks, is that what youíre looking at?


Mr. McClellan:about two or three weeks, yeah. The guys that are going to do the Topo are actually volunteering their time also, the engineers they are going to do it on Saturday and Sunday and this Saturday and Sunday is not looking to good to be out in the field with instruments as it is going to rain.


Phil Baxter: As far as that goes Iíd like to see that before we do anything as far as that goes to make sure itís going to work. I was out there yesterday looking and I didnít have an instrument with me but it is going to be close.


Mr. Lewis:What do you do then Phil, go underground, put it through here?


Phil Baxter: I donít know.


Mr. Lewis: We could put an underground drain across that parking lotÖÖ..


Phil Baxter: Thatís something that will have to be worked out, itís just going to be close.


Carl Conner:When will you have that done, in 2-3 weeks?


Mr. McClellan: Yes, like I said theyíre volunteering their time.


Carl Conner: If itís 2-3 weeks you could probably be back yet on our last meeting of this month, could you not?


Mr. McClellan: Hopefully


Carl Conner:What date is that, Phil do you know?


It was answered that it was the 24th of January.

Carl Conner: I am going to make a motion that we table the request until January 24, 2007 at which time we will have additional information from Darrin McClellan.


Don Williams:Second


Motion was made and seconded. Motion passed 3-0.


Don Williams:You might get some kind of certification of flow by a surveyor or somebody that knows, because the last thing we want to do is create something that is going to flood. I mean if weíre going to do this thing and Iíll be honest with you, I know Jeff that you guys are on the rush because you want it done for this season. But I want to see it done right, I would like to see it done for this season also but the real thing is it needs to be done right.


Mr. Lewis:Well, weíre all in agreement on that.


Carl Conner:And the pump station, if the pump station is actually on the Parks Department property, I would assume that is not a decision for us to make, that is up to the Parks Department if they want to go to the expense to move it or leave it there.


Mr. Lewis: I would think that when youíre working on that sewer system you would want to move it anyway from there because you are going to change it and upsize it anyway.


Don Williams:It would make a heck of a pitchers mound(laughter)


Mr. McClellan: It was actually discussed yesterday, putting a rubber top on it.


Mr. Lewis: I would think you would want access to it anyway, public access.


Mr. McClellan: This might not be this Board, but I think there might be an opportunity for everybody to look at this and see about moving that lift station out here and getting that, I think the County has maintenance on that lift station?


Carl Conner:Yes, we maintain it.


Mr. McClellan: It gets expensive because the jail flow there and anytime (inaudible)

Something about future development and getting it out of the hands of the County and into the hands of the Company that maintains it here in town.


Don Williams:I donít have any indication or any inkling that would be a faint remote dream or possibility, I like to know who you know that I donít know because we havenít been real successful getting the town to do anything for us.


Carl Conner:Are you aware of the proposed improvements for the sewer out there?


Mr. McClellan: Improvements up to the 4-H center?

Carl Conner: No, we want to improve the sewer system to accommodate the ball fields to accommodate the 4-H center improvements and to eliminate the problems weíre presently having with the Warrick County Jail and the monies have been designated in the Capital Improvement Plan for that to go forward and right now we have the County Engineer putting everything together. But for that to go forward, weíll have to get theÖCounty Commissioners approved the Capital Improvement plan which itís in part of the process and part is Economic Development Commission our Board has to make a recommendation to spend the money to the County Council, then the County Council has to approve or appropriate the monies and that is something that the County Commissioners fully support and we want to get it done as early as we possibly can this year to accommodate your improvements and the 4-H plus our understanding is in some point and time the Senior Citizens will be putting up a new facility across the street and they can tie into it also.


There was more discussion on the sewer line and the Senior Citizens but it was garbled and not very clear. There was also more discussion on getting it ( I assume the pump station) moved.


Don Williams:The pipes leaving that area from what I understand are full and can handle no more capacity, I mean itís not a matter of using the same flow rate, if we add things onto it weíre going to have to flow in a different direction.


Mr. McClellan: Or upgrade the pipe all the way by the bowling alley.


Don Williams:I donít know how far it has to go, but it has to go a good ways.


Carl Conner: That is what Bobby Howard looking at and he is to give us a report.


Mr. Lewis:What is the timing on that, Carl?


Carl Conner: As soon as he can get it done, the better and I think he understands that it is a priority.


Mr. Lewis: Because if that has to remain there then we are going to have to rearrange this complex away from that, I think in order to proceed.


Someone stated, well like Don said a while ago if weíre going to do it letís do it right, this is the right way our as far as maintaining a ballpark and complex with the flow of the traffic coming in and out.


Don Williams:In other words if you slid the 4 over where the two are and rotated it to 90 degrees and had them sitting up here that wouldnít work?


Mr. McClellan: It would but youíve got 90% of your traffic going all the way to the far end instead of 90% of the traffic staying over here.


We want everyone going by the bathrooms and concessions, we want to build one building here not one here and one here.


Carl Conner:You want to build a pod there.


There was discussion about other fields in other towns.


Phil Baxter: I would like to get with you in the next few days and go over this pump station before I make a decision because at this point can see where it needs to be moved.


Carl Conner: I guess for me it comes down to what we end up from Bobby first because all this has got to fit together.


There was other discussion on the project and how it needs to be set up.


The gentlemen thanked the Board for their time and the Board in turn thanked them.




Jim Niemeyer: Next, we have a request to permit line bores under Edwards Ditch and Sprengel Ditch.


Don Williams:How far under the bottom of the ditch are you going?


Nathan Mominee: Well itís a 42 inch minimum cover to top of pipe is what weíre going to spec for the bore so thatís what will be the minimum cover of the flow line and then as you can see on the profile, proposed at the center line of the street will be upwards of 11-feet below the road because weíre going to go for minimum cover under our lowest point.


Don Williams:Is the pipe going to be in a casing of any kind?


Mr. Mominee: No it is a directional bore, that allows for minimal impact on either ends of the boring area.


Jim Niemeyer:How far below the ditch will you be?


Mr. Mominee: 42 inches at minimum. It may be deeper. For the Edwards Ditch crossing it is definitely the larger of the two ditches that weíre crossing, Sprengel Ditch is west of there, it is the next legal drain. What this is covering is a 12-inch water main that Indiana American Water Company is proposing to put in. We are just trying to cover our bases with the permitting before there will be any construction.


Don Williams:Are we going to require a Hold Harmless on these?


Jim Niemeyer:I have the Hold Harmless Agreements here.


Don Williams:Well, thereís no problem with that.


Mr. Mominee: Yes, we already have the Hold Harmless Agreements for both crossings signed and sent to the Surveyorís Office.


Don Williams:I move that we approve Sitcomís request to bore under Edwards Ditch and Sprengel Ditch.


Carl Conner:Second


Motion was made and seconded to approve. Motion passed 3-0.


Don Williams:It was the understanding of the Hold Harmless being in place and that was my understanding from what you said.


Mr. Mominee: There will also be signs marking when they go to maintain the ditch indicating there are utility lines there.




Jim Niemeyer:The next item is, I would like to mention on the Commonwealth MS-4 Contract they would like to be at our next meeting if we plan to discuss it or make plans to approve or disapprove it.


Don Williams:Thatís for the study?The rates and all that?


Jim Niemeyer: MS-4 yeah. I couldnít get enough people together to find out whether we wanted to present that, we could have presented it today, but probably it would be better if we wait until next week.


Don Williams:Is Mr. Larson planning on coming down? I donít know about the rest of the Board, but two weeks sounds good to me.


Jim Niemeyer:Yes


The Board agreed.


David Zengler:Gentlemen, would you like for me to contact him. I gave you a note on at least one concern on the contract and maybe we could get that resolved before he gets down here. It was concerning a maximum on the contract, I think Doug Welp and I both looked at it and we both agreed that would help. I will contact Mr. Larson.


The Board agreed.






Jim Niemeyer: The next item is Howard Ditch flow reversal and I think first before that I would like to present a draft for the drainage study that we did along Epworth and 164 area and Henry Nodarse from BLA is here to discuss that or answer any questions that you might have. (Jim passed out the Study to the Board members)Iíve got copies of this proposal here along with maps.


Carl Conner:Is this on the Howard Ditch flow reversal or is this the draft on the study?


Jim Niemeyer: This is the study of the Ivy Glen area.


Carl asked for Henryís direct line but the answer was inaudible.


Mr. Nodarse asked Jim what he wanted him to explain.


Jim Niemeyer: Epworth Road project and I-164.


Carl Conner: Do we have a hard copy of this Howard Ditch flow reversal report?


Mr. Nodarse: My name is Henry Nodarse and Iím an Engineer with Bernardin Lochmueller Engineers in Evansville, we have been working on a drainage study that basically is bounded by the County Line, Stahl Road, Grimm Road and Landmark Subdivision off Epworth Road., that is a project we are currently working on. We have worked in the past on Howard Ditch itself and Howard Ditch goes through this study area. So the two projects are somewhat related and what you have now is a draft report for the drainage area that I just discussed and you also have a letter that discusses the brief history and the previous work on Howard Ditch and how we will propose to proceed into that possible project of reversing the flow. I am prepared to talk to either project first if you want.


Carl Conner:Ihavenít read this information, the information was just given to me and I feel like that I am some what at a loss since I havenít had an opportunity the information youíve given us so I will probably ask some pretty stupid questions.


Don Williams:First thing perhaps we ought to go through it before we even, Iím not sure I could even discuss it intelligently without going through the report.


Mr. Nodarse: This is just basically an update that is all Iím here for and the County Surveyor asked me to come in and discuss and describe to the Commissioners, you know what we have been doing and what we have done, Weíre not asking for anything. We donít have a proposal on the table, we just have an update.


Jim Niemeyer: The last page of the letter that I just passed out has the basic steps that need to be followed in order to complete the reversal study.


Mr. Nodarse: Yeah, itís just an updated letter of the Howard Ditch Project, whatís been done in the past, whatís happening now and how we can proceed in the future.


Jim Niemeyer: The colored photo that we have shows the study area that Henry worked on to outline the drainage problems that we have experienced out there on I-164, Ivy Glen and those areas. He has the whole watershed marked on it and heís come up with various conclusions whether we want to discuss them at this point or not it is up to the Board.


Carl Conner:Well, once again to be perfectly frank with you,Ö.I would like to just table both of these issues to just give us an opportunity to bring ourselves up to date in regards to the material that we have and in looking at for example the options or recommendations that you have relative to addressing the immediate needs or at least I perceive as immediate needs in that area and also taking a look at what information you have here available relative to what I perceive is a much bigger project and thatís the reversal of the flow. Because I think one of the biggest issues for me would be, we know that we have to do something. We have to get these projects completed because we have major problems out there and these problems have been put off years and years. But we need to determine where weíre going to find the money for purposes of doing these projects and my understanding is the one project anyway or the larger project weíre looking at asking for a Bond Issue weíre going to have to float so one of the things that I will want to see if itís possible is what is a reasonable cost relative to doing the recommendations.


Don Williams:I think heís wanting a commitment.


Carl Conner:Well and I donít know how he can give us a commitment until we at least go through the preliminary information that theyíve given us.


Don Williams:I agree.


Mr. Nodarse: If you go through that letter you might be able to give us a plan on what to do.


Carl Conner: thatís why I asked for your telephone number.


Mr. Nodarse: Maybe youíll be able to see a reasonable plan attack and in there the letter does actually mentionÖif we proceed in this fashionÖwe will be looking into a possible funding sources.


Don Williams:I talked to Keith probably two weeks ago and I donít know if he has had a chance to do it but early on Army Corps of Engineers wanted to take that ditch all the way to the river and they met extreme opposition from the farmer and all that and finally the Corps of Engineers kind of washed their hands of it. We really need to look at getting them involved and that is probably outside the view of what you are doing.


Mr. Nodarse:We made some initialÖÖwe werenít going to file anything quicklyÖbut thatís a funding mechanism that we should be looking into.


Don Williams:Did you make a motion to table this, Carl?


Carl Conner:No, but I will.


Don Williams:I would like to go through this as quickly as possible because I know the three Commissioners are all committed to getting that ditch reversal and getting that area to drain to the river so these people that every time it rains are fearful of their houses flooding. I donít know any other way to do it than to get that flowing to the river.


Carl Conner: We have so many drainage issues over in that area, we just need to correct them. I would move that we table the information for purposes of us having an opportunity to study it and put it back on the agenda for the first meeting of February, February 14. I donít know how the other two Commissioners feel but I feel like,Ö.I donít want to be a crybaby but Iíve got other projects before this that I need to be dealing with and Iím sure they do also. So I personally need some time.


Phil Baxter:We have a motion to table until February 14, 2007.


Don Williams:Second.


Motion was made to table and seconded. Motion passed 3-0.


Mr. Nodarse:If I can make a question or a request?


Don Williams:I do have a question, what is your extension in case I want to ask you a question.


Mr. Nodarse:469-4085 ext 118 and my request is that when you do discuss this in the future, we welcome any kind of comments, this is a draft, draft 1 and we will probably go through draft 2 at least before we actually prepare a final report, so if you have any questionsÖÖÖ..This draft report has 5 recommendations right now, if the County Surveyor has any other drainage problems or anything related to drainage in this area we will address that in the report. The second item is the letter that talks about Howard Ditch specifically and it suggests how to proceed into that project, how to get it implemented. Once you read that you may have some questions.


Don Williams:That is something I think the three of us probably do want implemented in it I think we would want that on a fast track.


Carl Conner:I think Don is right, however sitting here thinking of the drainage issues that we have just over in that area alone, Iím just wondering if possibly we shouldnít look at broadening the scope of work that you are presently doing. I think we need to give that some consideration and get back with you.


Jim Niemeyer: This study that is shown on the photo is about 2 square miles.


Don Williams:The other problem is how to get the water out of the Lincoln-Bell area which may entail running the ditch west to connect it and that is what youíre thinking, Iím assuming?


Carl Conner:Well, that and the Framewood Estates area too.


Phil Baxter:Thank you, Henry and weíll see you the 14th.


Jim Niemeyer:The next item concerns claims.




Phil Baxter:We have claims in the amount of $20,500.86.


Don Williams:I make a motion we pay the claims.


Carl Conner:Second


Motion was made and seconded to pay claims. Motion passed 3-0.


Jim Niemeyer:I have one other thing I need to get your information, today there was an engineer came by the office and he is from YE Engineers out of Indianapolis and they are doing a number of studies along SR 66 and he was simply wanting to know if they could use our draft proposal for our drainage ordinance in that study as well as the old one that we have which is only a page and a half long so they could take into consideration all of the proposals that are made in this draft. Their final studies who are they doing it for?


Jim Niemeyer: He didnít say who he was doing it for, clients along SR66.


Don Williams:As far as I know all that information is a matter of public record, so they are entitled to that information if they request it.


Phil and Carl did not have any problem with giving them a copy.


Don Williams:I make a motion to adjourn.Carl Conner:†† Second


Motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Motion passed 3-0.