APRIL 11, 2007

3:00 P.M.



The Warrick County Drainage board met in regular session with President Phillip H. Baxter presiding, also in attendance were Carl Jay Conner, Vice-President; Don Williams, Secretary; Sean M. Owens, Deputy Surveyor and David K. Zengler, Attorney for the Board.


Minutes were recorded and transcribed by Cheryl D. Embry.


Those present in the audience were Kurt Stahl, David Reynolds, Carl Beckerle, John N. Berning, Sr., Mark O. Bohnert, Charles Lewis, Tona Joy, Ron Lankford, Larry Bisttep, Manny Rydholm, Katie Phelps and Jerry Titzer.


Phil Baxter:Warrick County Drainage Board April 11, 2007 will now come to order. 07.




Phil Baxter:The first thing on the agenda is the approval of minutes for March 28, 2007.


Don Williams:Mr. President, I would move that we approve the minutes of March 28, 2007 as presented.


Phil Baxter:We have a motion to approve.


Carl Conner:Second


Motion was made and seconded to approve minutes. Motion carried 3-0.




Bill Bivins:Bill Bivins, Engineer for Gourley Estates, as you know Mrs. Gourley passed away unexpectedly and we would like to continue this until the next meeting.


Don Williams:Move to table for two weeks.


Bill Bivins:Iím sorry, lets go ahead and make a full month, the second Wednesday of May.


Don Williams:That would be May 9, 2007. I would move that we table drainage plans for Gourley Estates until May 9, 2007.


Carl Conner:Second

Motion was made and seconded to table. Motion carried 3-0.


Carl Conner:†† Bill, Iíve got one quick question, is this related to the proposal on Telephone Road?


Mr. Bivins: Yes, sir.


Carl Conner:The only reason I asked is because Mrs. Gourley and I had had some discussions about that some time ago and I didnít know if we were looking at the same project or not.


Bill Bivins: Yes, the plat actually dedicates a 40-foot right of way for you.




Sean Owen stated that Mr. Meadors called and requested that it be tabled until he calls and requests that it be removed until further notice.


Don Williams:I move that we remove by request item one Mr. George Meador until he requests to be put on the agenda again.


Carl Conner:Second


Motion was made and seconded. Motion passed 3-0.




Phil Baxter:Sherri, did you want to follow up on something?


Sherri Rector:†† I wanted to, in case there is someone here for Gourley Estates for the rest of the meetings, they are going to request that the Street plans be continued for a month the meeting that is supposed to be at 4:00 and it will also be continued tonight at the Planning Commission meeting until the May 9, 2007 meeting.


The Board thanked her for the information.


Phil Baxter:Did everyone understand that was here for Gourley? For this meeting and the following meetings Gourley Estates has been cancelled until May 9, 2007. This included street plans etc.




Sean Owen:The next item is Kurt Stahl to discuss the Boesche Ditch.


Kurt Stahl: My name is Kurt Stahl and I apologize for being the first person on complaints. It is actually more of a request, the property that Iím going to speak to you about is a piece of property that is owned by Marleen Bellemy and is also Marleen Stahl, it has been in Lloyd Stahlís family for years. I now farm it and I brought photoís for the Board. The property is adjacent to the asphalt company down on SR 62 and Lynch Road. What it is there is a ditch, Boesche Ditch comes through from Vanderburgh County and comes up to Warrick County and actually stopped prior to that property. Some how during the time that I guess the Federal government comes through and comes up with the maps, since that drainage of that farm which was plowed in by Lloyd and his family and has been dipped out a couple of times by him with his own money because he was told it was not a legal drain and now is classified as a legal drain. That property was up for sale for commercial development and the only way that they found out that that was now being listed as a public drain was the buyer then stepped back and stated he couldnít buy that itís not going to work for what I want to do as it is a legal drain and they said well no its not, I had the thing put in it and in 84 when he tried to get the County would come over and dipÖand Iíve got pictures and you can tell that thereís a vast difference in the size of the ditch. The picture with the red line that is where the ditch stopped before. We now go in occasionally and dip some of the silt out, but both from a development standpoint as far as being able to get business in Warrick County there, it subdivides the property, it never was set up as a legal drain, he has been told that on several occasions where he had to spend his own money to have the thing taken care of. So now weíre just asking that it beÖ.that portion be removed, that piece that is in question there only drains that field and as far as the long term effects of that piece of property as itís being farmed, actually to continue farming it the ditch would have to be moved over next to the asphalt plant as they are up higher will take the water back to the ditch which comes around. All the water from that drains across Hwy 62 to the ditch along the rail road track and into Chandler. So weíre just asking that was somehow erroneously placed as part of that publicÖÖ.


Carl Conner:Let me see if I understand the situation here, there is a difference of opinion in regards to whether or not it is a legal drain and what you have found that a potential buyer discovered or at least felt that it was a legal drain and you found that to be an obstacle to the sale of that property?


Mr. Stahl:Right


Carl Conner:So if it is a legal drain, you are basically asking us to vacate that?


Mr. Stahl:Yes, what I am saying in that in checking with Sean and Jim on that, they say well thatís listed as a legal drain and in checking the history with Lloyd and his family at what was done there and also the contract in 1984 happened to by my uncle at that time who was in business and he actually had to cut a check because,,,Öto come over and do a little work on that side because it wasnítÖ.what I am saying is that somehow during the process, it wasÖbecause of the way it lines up, was listed as part of that Boseche Ditch in a legal drain when in essence it wasnít and in talking with Sean and Jim, they understood what we were talking about but they couldnít do anything, it has to be brought to the Drainage Board to ask them toÖso your more than welcome to ask Sean his opinion.


Carl Conner:Well, I guess for my own personal satisfaction I would have to ask our attorney, what steps would we have to take if any from a legal perspective to basically vacate that legal drain if we so desire to do so?


David Zengler:Well, basically it is somewhat the same procedure as when you start or institute a legal drain, I mean you have toÖ.thereís petitions, you have to give notice to the surrounding people, you have a hearing.


Carl Conner:A little more involved then?


Mr. Stahl:But in this case the only piece of property and I will need Sean to back me upon thisÖthat it affects, it doesnít go all the way to the end, it only affects the Stahl property, it is just right in the middle, it has noÖit doesnít take any water from anywhere else.


Sean Owen:They only want to vacate the portion south of Lynch Road, is that correct?


Mr. Stahl:Correct, that is the part that was mislabled.


Mr. Zengler: I think the procedure would still be the same, it may not just be real difficult to do, but it stillÖ..you still have to go through a legal procedure of notification and have a hearing in front of this Board and so on.


Carl Conner:And then does it not have to be recommended by this Board to the County Commissionerís and then do the Commissionerís not have the final action?


Mr. Zengler: No, I think itís just vacated by this Board.


Mr. Stahl: So, just so I understand, to do so we have them come back as they are the only people it affects so howÖ.what is the procedure?




Mr. Zengler:Well, itís a public hearing I guess, it has to be advertised.


Mr. Stahl:Even though they are the onlyÖ..like I understand if someone is filing for zoning we do everyone around but since the ditch only affects their piece of property who else do we notify? That would be my question?


Mr. Zengler:Probably them, but you still do the publication too, to meet the requirement.


Mr. Stahl:So to meet the requirements, I have to file some sort of petition through you and we notify them, which I am here with just because I am the person talking.


Carl Conner: Then it will be on the agenda, what do we have to give 30 days?


Mr. Zengler:I think itís 30 days but Iíll have to check.


Mr. Stahl:Okay, so just to understand, I file a petition with them to come back?


Carl Conner:Well, I assume that is the process, but first this Boardís going to have to make a decision of whether or not they want to initiate us vacating so you can have that removed. Thatís all the questionís I have, Phil.


Mr. Zengler:I did look up theÖ..you might be interested in theÖ.letís see if I can find the criteria(paging through a book)††† ďA regulated drain should be vacated when the drain does not perform the function for which it was designed and constructed or has become inadequate to properly drain all the affected land under current conditions, the expense of reconstruction outweighs the benefits of reconstruction and the vacation will not be detrimental to the public welfareĒwhich I think could be easily met with that criteria.


Mr. Stahl:They were even unaware of whenÖ.howÖwhenever the title of public drain got slapped on it, because literally they put it there and with a jog there.


Carl Conner:Iíll make a motion that we initiate the process of purposes of vacating the legal drain as requested by the Stahlís.


Phil Baxter:We have a motion, do we have a second? Have a second?


Don Williams:I want to look at it before I make a motion.


Phil Baxter:Iíll second it, all in favor?


Carl and Phil voted aye, Don Williams abstained from voting.


Motion passed 2-01 abstention.


Carl Conner:We will do whatever we need to do and I assume it will be back on the agenda next month, then.


Mr. Zengler:Yes, probably the second meeting in May instead of the first one.

Weíll notify you when.


Mr. Stahl:Okay, but just for my ignorance I start the petition with them?


Mr. Zengler:Yes.






Sean Owen:Next is the Citizens complaints for Gourley Place.


Mark Bohnert:Iím Mark Bohnert of 2099 Union Drive. All the residents here are part of Union Drive and Pamela Lane. We have a serious drainage problem at the intersection of Union and Pamela. We have sink holes in yards, we have subsidence underneath the road, Iím afraid the road is going to collapse on Pamela. Has anybody looked at this from the drainage?


Don Williams:We got this notice and it says complaint, whoever called refused to give what the complaint was so of course I havenít looked at it, there was no explanation given.


Mr. Bohnert:I just moved in a year ago, Iím new to this but I can see everybodyís problems and I am on the corner there myself so I figured I would come up and say something.


Carl Conner:Is that at Union and Coalmine?


Mr. Bohnert:Union and Pamela, the other end of the street.


Phil Baxter:Is this on top of the hill?


Mr. Bohnert:No, this is right down in the valley. I live on top of the hill and this is right down in the valley there. Pamela goes straight in to Union and Tís right there. Some of the other residents have pictures if you would like to see them.


Phil Baxter:What we can do if itís all right with the other two Commissionerís we can ask our Engineer to go out there and ask our Surveyor Department to go out and look at it because none of us are allÖ.we are all ignorant to the fact, I think?


Carl Conner:Yeah, I know where itís located, in fact I was by there today and wish I had known there was a problem, I would have stopped.


Mr. Bohnert:Well, the mud on the road is one indication, butÖ.


Carl Conner:What Phil is saying would be the start for us that we would have to go out and take a look at it. I will also go out and take a look at it and maybe have a report in 4 weeks, Phil?


Ron Lankford:My name is Ron Lankford I live at the corner of Pamela and Union Drive, we have lived there 30 years, my wife and I built that house. There is an open drainage ditch along the south side of our home and we have maintained that, rip rapped that and taken care of it, for the first 25 years there were no problems, then the culvert under Union Drive has collapsed. My wife climbed into it, she shouldnít have as it is about a 30-inch culvert. But she climbed into it and it has actually collapsed you know from down, across from us and Charlie will show you some pictures, he has a huge sink hole in his yard that would actually cover a person. The problem is that culvert runs from Union Drive for about 150 to 200 yards all the way down to the next ditch, so again for the first 25 years anytime we would have any amount of rain, it would just go through the culvert with no problems but the last 5 or 7 years it backs up because these two things donít match. So Union Drive floods, and floods to the tune of maybe 6-8 inches and covered with mud, I mean you canít get through it, the neighbors get out with power sprayers and hose it off. The whole thing is the culvert there has collapsed, itís just not a small section, unfortunately that culvert runs 150 yards down Pamela Lane. One of our neighbors toward the end has actually got rip rap rocks so when he knows itís going to rain an inch or more, he builds a coffer dam across the end of his driveway to keep it from running into his garage and then the mud and the water probably stays in that place for as long as maybe 6 hours before it finally drains out and then weíve got 3 inches. Now youíre going to talk about Gourley Place later but that water is coming from Castle Hills and Gourley Place back over the hill, we donít have any problem with that as long as itís fixed down our way where that water can get out through there. So itís a safety and danger hazard and itís impacting a lot of peopleís lives so several people have pictures of the water standing that deep all through several square yards of that property down there, so those are my comments.


Carl Conner:Does that culvert run parallel to Pamela?


Mr. Lankford: It runs under Pamela.So if Union is here and Pamela runs this way, the culvert probably zigs in and out, we didnít crawl the full length of it.


Carl Conner:So the drainage is actually under the street, then? Okay.


Mr. Lankford:Yes, itís not along the side and once it builds up, it spills up over the street and looks like a river down through there.


Don Williams:And the culvert goes actually under the street of where it is collapsed is under the street? Now when that first happened, if the highway department was notified it would probably already be fixed.



Mr. Lankford:Well, Iím sorry but your peopleÖ..


A lady in the audience stated she had sent certified letters and everything and sent it to the County Garage for the last 5-6 years and every year they come out and look at it and say they are not going to fix it, fills it up with dirt and goes on.


Mr. Lankford:We see the trucks pull up, the people look and go throughÖ.but then we never get any response back from them, no promises orÖ.


Don Williams:What was your address Mr. Lankford?


Mr. Lankford: 2100 Union Drive.


Charlie Lewis: Iím Charlie Lewis 2111 Union Drive, Iím right on the corner of Pamela and Union, Iím the one that gets it all in my yard. I reseed every year, it totally floods out my yard caves in, and the hole is big enough that your lawnmower falls in.


Carl Conner:Can we keep those pictures? I assume you brought them for us, did you not?


Mr. Lewis:Yes, sir.


Don Williams:How long has this been going on Mr. Lewis, about 5-6 years?


Mr. Lewis:Yes, about 5-6 years and every year it gets higher, it will be up in our footer before long. It is up to her flower beds and you can see right there how much it covers and last rain was higher than that. But Iíve got a sink hole in the yard again, 3 times Iíve dug it up myself because they wonít fix it and I dig down to the top of the sewer pour concrete over it and get dirt and fill it back up.


Don Williams:Now is it a sewer that is broken in or is itÖ..


Mr. Lewis:Itís a storm sewer. We have got water shooting up through the street cause it canít get anywhere, so itís hollow underneath that street also. Itís really bad, you can there where it goes in a 30-inch storm sewer that is draining that whole valley all the way over to Fuquay and then look at the other end (pictures) of that sewer?


Don Williams:Is this your house in this picture here, sir?


Mr. .Lewis:No, thatís Ronís house. That new subdivisionís going right behind that house.


Don Williams:Is that taken from your yard, looking at it?††††† (picture)


Mr. Lewis:Yes


Carl Conner:Is this the only area that you all know of within the subdivision that there is a drainage problem?


Mr. Lewis:Itís the only one that we know of, butÖÖÖit all stops at his house.


Carl Conner:I know he has problems because he just discussed them with me out in the hallway, but I was just wondering if there was any other areas.


Mr. Lewis:I donít know anybody over the hill. See everything runs in together there even through the yards it finally joins in one area. But itís really bad it gets worse every time it rains.


Phil Baxter:Weíll get people out there.


Mr. Lewis:Well. Theyíve been out there and Iíve talked to them and they say well thereís nothing we can do about it, weíre broke. Thatís what the one guy told me. I mean we have complained and complained about this and had people out there. This year I have another sink hole and I have to reseed every year. Sunday morning we got up and thereís 2 inches of mud in the street again.


Phil Baxter: Iím sure anyone sitting here hasnít heard of this situation before, let me rephrase that the three of us sitting here havenít heard it before. I know I havenít but someone will be out there to see what the problem is.


Carl Conner:Like I said the only situation I was aware of Phil was the situation of the gentleman sitting over here that lives at the corner of Telephone Road and Coal Mine, he talked to me out in the hallway.


Don Williams:I think what we need to do is have our County Engineer and Highway Department and determine what needs to be done, and then get it done. Itís not the first time weíve had problems weíve had to repair.


Carl Conner: There is one thing that I would like to say, is that it looks like to me that you just do not have isolated area or areas and itís probably going to take in my opinion a comprehensive plan to resolve all these drainage issues. And thatís what we want to do, we just donít want to go in and do a band-aid type of thing we want to get it corrected and get it corrected right in the entire thing.


Mr. Lewis:Well itís got to be before somebody goes through my yard and it caves in and they get hurt. Somebody has to be responsible for it.


Carl Conner:I understand.


Mr. Lewis:Iíve done went through one hold myself, so itís that easy. But the streets are getting just as bad, say for instance a school bus or something, you just never know.


Carl Conner:†† Thatís true and especially if itís washing out underneath the surface, because just like you said, you have been filling in dirt and concrete and the hole keeps reappearing, so there is nothing solid there.


John Berning:Hello, my name is John Berning, I live down the street up on a hill. I have stood out there, right by Charlieís house on the north side of it, the side that is caving in, walked to the next house and the gentleman there and I could stand out on top of the slabs and bounce up and down and make water come out of it. You did send some people out one day, they were in a dump truck, this was probably 6 years ago or 5 and a pick-up truck and one gentleman crawled in and started cleaning brush out and he backed out of it and said it was too dangerous to be in as it was starting to crack and fall. So he made some notes so somewhere there should be some notes that is on record of this back that many years ago. But it is a sad problem that it runs on an angle and you will have to go in and rip up part of the street when you come down and put a very substantial size drain in and turn and go down to the ditch to the north that hooks up with the other ditch that runs west. Little kids could fall in it because there are quite a few kids there in the neighborhood that play and they like to come down and play when the water is running hard and it is bad, it would suck a kid in and possibly even an adult. Especially if they get over there on the deep side and Iíve seen it get down into other peoples yards and almost get into their garages that live about 3-4 house from there. So youíve got an area that runs downhill and a ditch that does fill up because it has corresponding water coming from the south from another road and they dump into the ditch that the other one runs into and they run parallel to each other and makes a bend. But this ditch is Ösomethings wrong with it and itís not big enough to carry the flow of water since its coming out of this other subdivision. So therefore if somebody is going to do some more work back behind there, you need to get in there and get a much bigger engineer pipe in there and maybe cut down to where the end of the block where this other guy has problems too and free the water up so it will go through under the road like they started to. Thatís about all Iíve got to say.


Carl Beckerle:My name is Carl Beckerle, 7600 Pamela Lane. Iíve lived there 22 years this year and the last couple of years that is my driveway where the water is running down and I stick 4 inch high blocks all the way across my drive and it goes over those blocks, jumps the curb and goes over. What he is talking about see this street used to be concrete and they paved over the top and that is what gives where the concrete was cracked before hand the pavement is cracked also and when you walk on it between the concrete and the pavement its just like a sponge, it goes up and down. But my father-in-law lives at the house next door and that is where that pipe empties into the ditch on the side of his house and that pipe is about probably 2-feet underground, it donít even hit the ditch anymore cause the ditch has moved about 6-7 feet west of where it used to be. That is one reason and I have been going out there with a shovel trying to widen it out so that water can pass and see what happens, is that water runs through that ditch and hits the ditch that runs behind my house and my father-in-laws house and the neighbor next door and then it cuts down toward Telephone and Coal Mine Roads. But Iíve got the only driveway that goes downhill and that is why the water jumps my drive cause my garage is underneath my house and if the water gets about an inch higher than what it has been flowing it will get inside my garage. There is also another ditch on the side of my house which empties I think on Michael, the next street up and they both meet and the water now, they put a new like a spillway in a few years ago cause the street was caving in. They put a big pipe, but that spillway is almost too high and that is another reason the water donít flow fast enough off of Pamela into that ditch that runs west of my house. A lot of the water used to run behind my house and thatís what Charlie is complaining about, that pipe there in the ditch behind my house is an enormous ditch, so if they can get the water to actually go down through and then underneath Pamela Lane that probably will help. Iím at home at any time so Iím retired so if anybody comes out there I will gladly show them all the holes in everybodyís yard and everything cause I wade through this water all the time.


Don Williams:Mr. Beckerle give me your phone number cause I am planning and it may be a week or so before I can get out there.


Mr. Beckerle:853-8734


Don Williams:And youíre in agreement that it seems like everything was ok until about 5-6 years ago?


Mr. Beckerle: Well for my house until the last couple of years, but Unionís got a big dip there and Iím saying byÖyou know Gourleyís woods, if they build that subdivision back there most of that water from that subdivision will run through this same pipe. I also followed that ditch and I didnít know that Castle Hills their street I guess north street it goes down like this and then theyíve got like a grate all the way across the road and that water runs though Gourleyís property and then comes to this pipe also. So itís also draining part of that subdivision.


Phil Baxter:†† Okay, weíll be looking at it. Thank you.†† (Mr. Beckerle also thanked the Board.)


Jerry Titzer:Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman. My name is Jerry Titzer, I live at 7711 Telephone Road on the corner of Coal Mine and Telephone. There is a large ditch that runs across the back of my property and runs parallel with Telephone Road and it is actually the drainage ditch for Georgia Gourleyís lake, all the overflow water out of her lake comes down this back ditch, plus all the water from these folks homes and their properties comes down through this ditch crosses Coal Mine Road goes around the corner and then crosses Telephone Road and heads north. Now the problem we have there on the corner is that we have two drainage problems, one is the ditch behind me carrying all the water out of Gourley Place and the second problem is on the north side of Telephone Road which is Tanglewood Subdivision. All the water over there comes down and comes into the ditch on the north side of Telephone Road. The problem is from Union Drive west to past Coal Mine Road the ditch over there crosses in front of those peopleís property which is on County property, it is not their front yard, it belongs to the County. All the concrete driveways that are put in or not concrete but gravel driveways have culverts underneath of them and everyone of those culverts are too small. The ditch is too small, if you go up east to Union Drive youíve got a 6 by 6 foot ditch and they just built a brand new house across from Earl Fletchers house and they put a 24 or 30 inch pipe in for his driveway, but down in front of my house theyíve got an 18-inch pipe with a 12-inch pipe stuck inside of it. Now none of the water can get out of that ditch and get down that ditch so guess where that water goes, it comes across Telephone Road, floods Telephone Road, Iíve seen as much as 7-8 inches of water coming across Telephone Road and cars trying to go through it. The water comes over into my front yard goes around goes south on Coal Mine Road to the back ditch behind me and then goes back around and all the way around again. Now we canít handle both subdivisions, that ditch back there is just not big enough, you guys told Mrs. Gourley she had to make it 8-feet deep, it needs to be a 100 feet deep if weíre going to take care of both subdivisions. So we need to get the water out of Tanglewood to stay over on Telephone Road and all Iím asking you to do is just go in and clean out those 4 driveway pipes and put in a 24 inch pipe and dig the ditch out a little bit deeper and that will take care of all the problems. Youíre washing away your shoulder in my front yard and they keep coming out there and putting hot patch on the shoulder stone and itís already washed out again. The highway department come out there and patched it last year and its all gone and washed up in my yard and I hauled it off to the dump. So we need to get this issue over across on North Telephone Road taken care of and itís really simple, an hour or a days work could have it taken care of and Iíll even go on record and say Iíll buy all the pipe. Iíll buy the pipe if you will furnish the gravel and the grade-all. Thank you very much for your time.


The Board thanked him also.


David Reynolds:Good Afternoon, Iím David Reynolds, I live at 2022 Union Drive. The ditch primarily he was talking about draining the lake from the Gourley, Iím on the normal flow of that. That water comes off the Gourley property parallel to my back fence, it makes a corner (showing pictures) showing with a sewer drain and then comes down between my property and the next one, I am the second house off of Telephone, right on Union. My problem is just occasional on very heavy rains, the water is coming down the ditch between the two houses and at times this area just fills up because that pipe canít handle the volume. The pipe is also broken underneath as is the concrete that controls the pipe, it is broke and there are sink holes on both sides of this where water is washing down into broken pipes and eroding out. These pictures are available to you.


Carl Conner:How long is that fence there? It looks like thereís a fence thatís on the other side of the manhole.


(someone in the audience, probably Mr. Reynolds)Apparently thereís two fences, one is torn down that was a utility access right behind my property and part of the fence that is more on the Gourley property is pretty much gone. I prop it up every time I can as the posts are rotting out.


Phil Baxter:We will have people out there looking at it and I will probably be out there tomorrow morning about 8:00 or so. I would like to see whatís going on and see what we can do for you.


Carl Conner:I initially donít think that they probablyÖPhil need to be there, I think basically what we need to do is get people from Surveyorís Office and the County Engineer probably get somebody from the County Highway Garage because IÖ.this is not in my opinion going to be something folks that weíre going to be able to fix overnight and we donít want to fix it overnight. Like I said I think itís going to take a comprehensive plan to do this and do it right, thatís not to say that we will not address the issue immediately, but we have to start somewhere and weíve got to get the professionals out there to tell us where exactly for example what size pipes do we need on the north side of telephone road, what are we going to do at the intersection of Union and Pamela because we have done work in that area last year up farther and I think itís make a major improvement to drainage in a portion of that subdivision. What I would suggest and we will keep you all informed, but what I would suggest and weíve had this happen all the time is that you all appoint someone to represent your group and you have them here at these drainage board meetings and ask for updates if you donít see anything going on out there and that way you hold us accountable and that keeps us on a timely schedule. We meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays every month at 3:00 right here.


Don Williams:I would like to say something to the folks that are out there. When you have a complaint like this, donít hesitate to give us a location and nature of the complaint because last week I had a fairly lax week and I could have been out there, this week unfortunately I had no time at all to see much of anything. So donít hesitate to give us the nature of your complaints cause you may not get it done through the highway department but we usually take care of issues.


Some one in the audience asked a question, but it was inaudible.


Don Williams:Well, I think the Surveyor can handle drainage if itís a drainage problem, Mr. Jim Niemeyer and the three of us are the drainage board members and weíre also the three County Commissioners, so we donít take what we say lightly and we donít say things that we canít deliver on. So we will get this taken care of.


Some of the members of the audience members were asking questions and it was something about an easement and that is why the ditch was not dug out.


Don Williams:We donít necessarily have to have an easement if the property owners will give us a right of entry. If itís being affected by like the crushed culvert in the road, you know normally we donít go onto private property, but if itís beingÖ.the cause is a road problem or a road side ditch problem or something like that or even a legal drain problem then we certainly can take care of that problem.


A lady in the audience stated that she has complained longer than that subdivision is old. She stated she guess she didnít complain to the right person because everytime the county garage would come out they would say there was nothing they could d about it.

She stated other things but was inaudible.


Don Williams:They mainly take care of the road and any little roadside ditches. Drainage problems you would normally contact the surveyor, legal drains and natural drains with intentional obstructions. But usually road and road side ditches the complaint should go to the highway engineer slant highway department.


There was a question about the sink holes in yards.


Don Williams:Well, that is an issue that I canít give an answer to because that is private property and we have very limitedÖ..that is why we need to get this investigated and get it taken care of as quickly as possible. Weíre not planning on this problem being there next year. I can tell you that or at least this is one commissioner not planning on it.


The people in the audience were talking about the new subdivision.


Don Williams:Youíre not getting any of this are you, Cheryl?Weíre not getting any of your conversation we should have had you come to the mike. But anyway you know where weíre headed with it and we will be out there sometime probably next week and if any of you would like to let me know when your going to be around, I would be glad to get with 2-3 of you, mine would probably be when you get off work some afternoon instead of the morning.


Phil Baxter: If there is nothing further to come before this meeting I would look for a motion to adjourn.


Carl Conner:So moved


Don Williams:Iíll second the motion.


Motion was made to adjourn the meeting and seconded. Motion was passed with 3-0 vote.